86900-Other human health activities

Title Company Company Number Date filed Status Publication number
Detection of target nucleic acid sequences and primers for use therein QIAGEN Manchester Limited 04160032 1998-11-25 Granted GB2338301
Knee prosthesis DePuy International Limited 03319712 1982-03-13 Ceased GB2120943
Intramedullary bone resection guide DePuy International Limited 03319712 1997-11-06 Terminated GB2331016
A surgical instrument DePuy International Limited 03319712 1989-10-09 Ceased GB2243084
An osteoprosthesis component DePuy International Limited 03319712 2002-09-03 Terminated GB2381458
Assembly for use in a surgical procedure. DePuy International Limited 03319712 2003-11-07 Terminated GB2407774
Prosthesis positioning system DePuy International Limited 03319712 2008-11-26 Terminated GB2465750
Improvements relating to hip surgery DePuy International Limited 03319712 1984-01-27 Ceased GB2134360
Docking apparatus for attaching item to a frame Drive Devilbiss Healthcare Limited 04301005 2008-11-24 Granted GB2455192
Patterned filter for subjective vision testing using a computer Eyelab Limited 01778450 1992-11-02 Ceased GB2267159
Dispensing liquids in metered aliquots Prime Life Plc 02779611 1985-05-29 Ceased GB2159496
Package for small articles Bringhigh Limited 04034837 2002-02-14 Ceased GB2385317
Medicine pack Bringhigh Limited 04034837 1999-11-03 Ceased GB2343440
Pack of gloves REGENT MEDICAL LIMITED 05104407 1995-06-26 Granted GB2291394
Absorbent elastomeric articles Regent Medical Limited 05104407 2006-02-01 Terminated GB2434762
Puncture indicating glove Regent Medical Limited 05104407 2008-01-29 Granted GB2453000
Glove with anti-roll down cuff Regent Medical Limited 05104407 2006-02-21 Ceased GB2461180
Rubber gloves Regent Medical Limited 05104407 1993-09-17 Ceased GB2270618
Flexible elastomeric article with enhanced lubricity Regent Medical Limited 05104407 1994-01-07 Ceased GB2289637
Glove with anti-roll down cuff Regent Medical Limited 05104407 2006-02-21 Ceased GB2424356
Glove with anti-slip cuff Regent Medical Limited 05104407 2007-05-24 Terminated GB2441608
Puncture indicating laminates Regent Medical Limited 05104407 2006-11-14 Terminated GB2433227
Surgical sponge or pack Regent Medical Limited 05104407 2006-02-02 Terminated GB2434748
An elastomeric article partially covered with a donning aid Regent Medical Limited 05104407 2006-07-11 Terminated GB2439933
Surgical and medical garments and materials incorporating shear thickening fluids Regent Medical Limited 05104407 2007-09-03 Terminated GB2441639
Therapeutic apparatus Vitali-Chi Limited 08633023 2013-09-17 Awaiting First Examination GB2523529
Container with RFID for storing calibration information LifeScan Scotland Limited SC154012 2005-12-22 Terminated GB2433926
Electrochemical-based analytical test strip with soluble acidic material coating LifeScan Scotland Limited SC154012 2013-01-31 Granted GB2510371
Electronic device battery holder LifeScan Scotland Limited SC154012 2013-07-05 Granted GB2515835
Watertight casing with integrated electrical contacts LifeScan Scotland Limited SC154012 2013-08-12 Granted GB2517151
Electrochemical-based analytical test strip with bare interferent electrodes LifeScan Scotland Limited SC154012 2012-09-07 Granted GB2505694
Hand-held test meter with low-distortion signal generation circuit block LifeScan Scotland Limited SC154012 2012-12-21 Granted GB2509146
Hand-held test meter with test strip simulation passive circuit block LifeScan Scotland Limited SC154012 2013-02-28 Granted GB2511345
Hand-held test meter with display illumination adjustment circuit block LifeScan Scotland Limited SC154012 2013-04-17 Granted GB2513157
Electrochemical-based analytical test strip with a soluble electrochemically-active coating opposite a bare electrode LifeScan Scotland Limited SC154012 2013-06-07 Granted GB2514846
Hand-held test meter with an operating range test strip simulation circuit block LifeScan Scotland Limited SC154012 2013-12-23 Granted GB2521481
Analytical test strip with tiered capillary chamber LifeScan Scotland Limited SC154012 2012-12-21 Granted GB2509140
End-fill electrochemical analytical test strip with perpendicular intersecting sample receiving chambers LifeScan Scotland Limited SC154012 2012-12-28 Granted GB2509325

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