60200-Television programming and broadcasting activities

Title Company Company Number Date filed Status Publication number
Electrical protective circuits Independent Television News Limited 00548648 1985-11-22 Ceased GB2199707
Electric protective circuit Independent Television News Ltd 00548648 1985-11-22 Ceased GB2167618
Housing, apparatus and method Amino Communications Limited 03490180 2013-02-20 Granted GB2505538
A user configurable television decoder with a remote control Amino Communications Limited 03490180 2004-05-19 Terminated GB2414322
Method of accessing additional service via a television decoder Amino Communications Limited 03490180 2004-01-16 Terminated GB2410145
Wave-shaping circuit Amino Communications Limited 03490180 2015-08-25 Granted GB2541872
Method and system for tracking race participants Sports Information Services Limited 04243307 2015-11-30 Awaiting First Examination GB2547389

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