49410-Freight transport by road

Title Company Company Number Date filed Status Publication number
Rail wagon for transporting vehicles Freightliner Limited 03118392 2002-09-04 Ceased GB2381781
Load carrying vehicle Freightliner Limited 03118392 1999-12-18 Ceased GB2358173
Automated forms processing GIST Limited 00502669 1995-03-21 Ceased GB2287819
Load restraint system Yarborough Limited 00660908 2013-08-22 Granted GB2507165
Liquid container and dispenser TNT Materials Handling Ltd. 01628530 1993-06-22 Terminated GB2268231
Method and apparatus for delivery rescheduling GeoPost UK Limited 05607184 2007-02-20 Terminated GB2450305
Vehicle window frame Howard Tenens Engineering (Worcester) Limited 06690158 1979-09-05 Terminated GB2031979
Orienting an electronic component Manix U K Limited 09847207 1986-06-06 Terminated GB2178723
Balustrading for a staging structure Gillman & Soame Limited 11021872 1989-01-31 Ceased GB2218128
Staging with pivotal decking members and inverted }v} supports Gillman & Soame Limited 11021872 1988-04-08 Ceased GB2204618
Staging joints Gillman & Soame Limited 11021872 1988-07-16 Ceased GB2223262
Portable stepped staging Gillman & Soame Limited 11021872 1989-03-23 Ceased GB2220014
Portable stepped staging. Gillman & Soame Limited 11021872 1991-06-27 Terminated GB2257169
Staging Gillman & Soame Limited 11021872 1989-03-23 Ceased GB2251873
Lightweight decking member for staging Gillman & Soame Limited 11021872 1989-01-31 Ceased GB2228277
Identification of individuals in event photography Gillman & Soame Limited 11021872 1998-12-01 Terminated GB2347761
Screening apparatus BP McKeefry NI028403 2016-11-18 Awaiting Re-examination GB2556085

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