46730-Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment

Title Company Company Number Date filed Status Publication number
Joist with adhered acoustic insulating material Rowan Timber Supplies (Scotland) Limited SC068805 2005-11-18 Terminated GB2420355
Modular decking system providing access for fixing Jewson Limited 00348407 2003-03-17 Terminated GB2386620
Force seal panel extrusions Saint-Gobain Building Distribution Limited 01647362 2003-03-27 Granted GB2399830
An interlinking panel suitable for cladding an interior or exterior wall Yorkshire Plywood Ltd 01977248 2009-12-01 Terminated GB2465688
A profile system Mermaid Panels Limited 02200127 2006-04-27 Ceased GB2425785
A sealing system comprising a longitudinal strip profile Mermaid Panels Limited 02200127 2008-04-29 Terminated GB2459665
A sealing system for sealing the horizontal joint between a tiled wall and a bath or shower tray Mermaid Panels Limited 02200127 2006-10-24 Terminated GB2443250

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