43390-Other building completion and finishing

Title Company Company Number Date filed Status Publication number
Swinging door frame comprising a collapsible door jamb acting as a stop Britplas Commercial Windows Limited 05936799 2013-10-09 Pending GB2521796
A window assembly Britplas Commercial Windows Limited;Eurocell Profiles Limited 05936799 2007-03-28 Ceased GB2446730
A fire break SIG TRADING LIMITED 01451007 1997-04-30 Ceased GB2324816
Acoustic insulation systems for buildings SIG TRADING LIMITED 01451007 1997-07-30 Ceased GB2327689
A telescopic stud for a partition wall SIG TRADING LIMITED 01451007 1999-10-29 Ceased GB2355732
Acoustic insulation and fireproofing for steel beams SIG TRADING LIMITED 01451007 2001-06-12 Ceased GB2376479
Insulating batten SIG TRADING LIMITED 01451007 2007-07-16 Granted GB2451071
Hooke's joints BRD Co Ltd 10598161 1980-10-03 Ceased GB2060136

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