32300-Manufacture of sports goods

Title Company Company Number Date filed Status Publication number
Event generating playground apparatus Playdale Playgrounds Ltd 00525615 2006-11-08 Terminated GB2444707
Bicycle Headlight Hope Technology (IPCO) Limited 02658410 2005-06-30 Terminated GB2415772
Brake disc manufacture Hope Technology (IPCO) Limited 02658410 2006-05-05 Terminated GB2437745
Quick release cycle axle Hope Technology (IPCO) Ltd 02658410 2015-04-02 Granted GB2538223
Dart with retrofitted sleeve Nodor International Limited 02886136 2007-10-28 Granted GB2448785
Sports protection device Onbone Sports Limited 10421175 2016-06-10 Awaiting First Examination GB2551190

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