31030-Manufacture of mattresses

Title Company Company Number Date filed Status Publication number
Sprung divan base Relyon Limited 00470381 1988-04-22 Terminated GB2203938
Stowable beds Relyon Limited 00470381 1981-12-03 Granted GB2112278
Improvements in or relating to box spring assemblies Silentnight Group Limited 07525259 1991-04-03 Granted GB2244913
A bed spring unit Silentnight Group Limited 07525259 1991-07-03 Granted GB2261369
A bed Silentnight Group Limited 07525259 2000-04-11 Ceased GB2361176
Transit fixing device Silentnight Group Limited 07525259 2016-12-21 Pending if pre publication date, "Application Published" if publication date is today or in the past GB2557988
Mattress Silentnight Group Ltd 07525259 2004-02-13 Terminated GB2410892
Cover layer for mattress side Silentnight Group Ltd 07525259 2004-04-15 Terminated GB2413111
A knock-down chair or settee Silentnight Holdings plc 07627383 1982-07-14 Terminated GB2102284
Improvements in or relating to box spring assemblies Silentnight Holdings PLC 07627383 1983-06-16 Granted GB2124074
Settee frames Silentnight Holdings P L C 07627383 1983-10-13 Ceased GB2147801
Improvements in or relating to mattresses Silentnight Holdings Plc 07627383 1982-05-14 Terminated GB2120543
Spring packing machine Silentnight Holdings plc 07627383 1982-05-22 Granted GB2121008
Sewing covers for divans or matresses Silentnight Holdings PLC 07627383 1987-02-06 Ceased GB2187767
Stacking/nesting beds Silentnight Holdings PLC 07627383 1994-04-06 Ceased GB2276817
A bed with integral mattress, and comfort cover Silentnight Holdings plc 07627383 1994-11-15 Terminated GB2295079
Wire forming apparatus Silentnight Holdings PLC 07627383 1983-10-12 Granted GB2150473
Box spring having improved coil spring modules Silentnight Holdings PLC 07627383 1987-04-09 Ceased GB2189694

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