28301-Manufacture of agricultural tractors

Title Company Company Number Date filed Status Publication number
Double clutch arrangement AGCO Limited 00509133 1993-03-05 Ceased GB2264988
Crop harvester AGCO Limited 00509133 1996-01-22 Granted GB2297468
Tractor transmission lubrication system AGCO Limited 00509133 1998-05-18 Ceased GB2325713
Selector lever for a differential lock and four wheel drive actuation AGCO Limited 00509133 1998-12-23 Ceased GB2345097
Improvements in yield mapping AGCO Limited 00509133 1999-05-25 Granted GB2350275
Four wheel drive engagement device AGCO Limited 00509133 2000-02-23 Ceased GB2359596
Vehicle body panel assembly AGCO Limited 00509133 1996-12-04 Granted GB2319994
Tractor transmission casing AGCO Limited 00509133 1996-12-20 Ceased GB2320532
Tractor electronic linkage control system AGCO Limited 00509133 1998-04-07 Ceased GB2326955
Differential lock engaging arrangement AGCO Limited 00509133 1998-12-23 Ceased GB2345098
Error compensation in crop yield mapping techniques AGCO Limited 00509133 2001-02-13 Ceased GB2372105
Ballast weights for tractors and like vehicles AGCO Limited 00509133 1981-01-19 Granted GB2067484
Tractor hitches AGCO Limited 00509133 1988-03-29 Ceased GB2215976
A gear coupler AGCO Limited 00509133 1990-02-28 Ceased GB2241542
Implement linkage draft force sensing arrangement AGCO Limited 00509133 1995-07-18 Ceased GB2291332
Tractor with monitoring system AGCO Limited 00509133 1996-09-02 Ceased GB2305045
Vehicle front wheel speed change apparatus AGCO Limited 00509133 1998-03-11 Ceased GB2323066
Control system for a power shuttle gearbox AGCO Limited 00509133 1998-12-23 Granted GB2345945
Transmission selector mechanism AGCO Limited 00509133 2005-04-06 Ceased GB2426303
Tractor hydraulic control systems AGCO Limited 00509133 1980-05-08 Granted GB2050796
Agricultural or industrial vehicle AGCO Limited 00509133 1979-03-15 Granted GB2047634
Vehicle JCB Landpower Limited 02321141 1991-07-23 Granted GB2252278
Vehicle JCB Landpower Limited 02321141 2001-05-18 Granted GB2376992
Use of brakes to aid vehicle steering below a threshold speed JCB Landpower Limited 02321141 2008-04-14 Granted GB2448583
Vehicle engine speed and transmission control JCB Landpower Limited 02321141 2004-05-12 Granted GB2413997
ABS system that applies torque to accelerate a wheel when the braking force is released by the ABS JCB Landpower Limited 02321141 2005-12-21 Terminated GB2433563
Use of brakes to aid vehicle steering below a threshold speed JCB Landpower Limited 02321141 2007-04-17 Terminated GB2448498
Hybrid steering system JCB Landpower Limited 02321141 2010-02-18 Granted GB2468035
Vehicle with two fluid operated steering actuators JCB Landpower Limited 02321141 2007-05-03 Granted GB2448914

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