26513-Manufacture of non-electronic measuring, testing etc. equipment, not for industrial process control

Title Company Company Number Date filed Status Publication number
Dual field of view objective lens with switchable intermediate lens Qioptiq Limited 00876004 1999-05-17 Ceased GB2339619
Optical imaging system Qioptiq Limited 00876004 1998-05-15 Granted GB2326734
Mounting an optical component in an optical arrangement Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2012-07-06 Granted GB2506100
A mount arrangement for supporting a tapered light pipe Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2013-02-22 Granted GB2511088
Field inversion waveguide using micro-prism array Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2014-10-29 Awaiting First Examination GB2531754
Low stress mounting configuration for optical component Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2015-04-21 Awaiting Applicant's Response GB2537628
Parallax correction device and method in blended optical system for use over a range of temperatures Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2015-06-18 Awaiting Re-examination GB2539480
Optical imaging apparatus with negatively distorted intermediate image Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2001-11-16 Ceased GB2382153
An optical filter Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2002-12-19 Granted GB2396436
An optical adaptor Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2009-02-16 Granted GB2467788
Methods and apparatuses for depositing a layer of coating material on a component Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2011-05-24 Granted GB2491152
An optical assembly Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2014-03-05 Granted GB2525163
Shock isolation protection of sensitive components Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2014-05-02 Awaiting First Examination GB2525678
Radiation stable shield Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2012-07-06 Awaiting First Examination GB2509480
Aspheric optical surface polishing tool with individually movable polishing pads Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2010-02-08 Terminated GB2477557
Method and apparatus for measuring the thickness distribution of a deposited layer of coating material Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2011-05-24 Granted GB2491151
Weapon accessory mounting bracket Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2012-07-05 Granted GB2504466
Weapon accessory bracket Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2014-07-15 Awaiting First Examination GB2528267
Compact multispectral wide angle refractive optical system Qioptiq Limited 00876004 2014-10-27 Awaiting First Examination GB2531726
Waveguide for multispectral fusion QIOPTIQ LTD. 00876004 2015-04-24 In Order For Grant GB2537675
Tranmission of information in a utility commodity system Elster Metering Limited 00873781 2000-03-24 Ceased GB2366132
Electricity consumption meters Elster Metering Limited 00873781 1998-02-12 Granted GB2326243
Electromagnetic flowmeter Elster Metering Limited 00873781 2001-02-06 Ceased GB2376529
A metering device with an associated RFID tag Elster Metering Limited 00873781 2003-01-10 Ceased GB2403323
Apparatus for mounting an antenna in a water meter pit lid Elster Metering Limited 00873781 2011-10-04 Terminated GB2484401
Indexing mechanism for counting devices Elster Metering Limited 00873781 2001-11-14 Ceased GB2382195
Flow apparatus Elster Metering Limited 00873781 2002-04-11 Ceased GB2388193
A liquid fillable counter for a flow meter Elster Metering Limited 00873781 2003-12-12 Ceased GB2409046
Counter adapted to mount within housing of a fluid flow meter Elster Metering Limited 00873781 2005-02-04 Terminated GB2422933
Bidirectional flowmeter with two fluidic oscillators arranged in series Elster Metering Limited 00873781 2007-03-13 Terminated GB2447425
A bidirectional flow meter Elster Metering Limited 00873781 2008-09-12 Terminated GB2463488
Fluid flow meter Elster Water Metering Limited 08624958 2010-04-23 Granted GB2470104
Flowmeter Elster Water Metering Limited 08624958 2001-04-25 Granted GB2378761
A rotating piston fluid flow meter Elster Water Metering Limited 08624958 2005-08-10 Granted GB2429070

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