22210-Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles

Title Company Company Number Date filed Status Publication number
Printing of retroreflective sign Tennants UK Limited 00924063 2004-11-24 Terminated GB2420902
Rows of windows Veka Plc 01626563 1994-03-16 Terminated GB2288421
Installing frames in apertures Veka Plc 01626563 1995-11-09 Terminated GB2306993
Window frame reinforcement with a flange having a recess for a locking mechanism Veka Plc 01626563 1995-10-25 Terminated GB2294493
Template or base frame for mounting a window or door frame in a building aperture Veka Plc 01626563 1996-03-29 Terminated GB2300019
Glazing arrangement Veka Plc 01626563 1990-11-23 Ceased GB2238818
Panel edge connector Brett Martin Limited NI008627 1990-05-16 Ceased GB2236338
Improved rainwater goods Brett Martin Limited NI008627 2000-07-10 Granted GB2355474
Roof lights Brett Martin Limited NI008627 2003-05-21 Ceased GB2401881

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