10810-Manufacture of sugar

Title Company Company Number Date filed Status Publication number
Improvements in vegetable sawing units British Sugar plc 00315158 1991-07-24 Ceased GB2257899
Palatable compositions comprising insoluble sugar beet fibre British Sugar Plc 00315158 1994-03-24 Ceased GB2287636
Beet sampling apparatus British Sugar plc 00315158 1994-05-24 Ceased GB2290612
Compositions comprising trehalose for forming tablets British Sugar Plc 00315158 1999-09-09 Terminated GB2353933
Trehalose for use in exercise British Sugar PLC 00315158 1999-12-02 Terminated GB2356788
Edible compositions containing trehalose British Sugar Plc 00315158 1999-05-20 Ceased GB2350046
Preparation of benzoyloxy acetic acid derivatives British Sugar PLC 00315158 1999-09-28 Terminated GB2354761
Improvements in beet sample washers British Sugar plc 00315158 1991-02-06 Ceased GB2252493
Seals for roller assemblies British Sugar plc 00315158 1991-02-06 Ceased GB2252597
Nutritional compositions comprising trehalose for persons suffering from diabetes British Sugar PLC 00315158 1999-09-09 Terminated GB2353934
Amorphous sugar coatings British Sugar PLC 00315158 2000-05-26 Terminated GB2362555
Spray-drying a material in the presence of a particulate solid British Sugar PLC 00315158 2000-07-17 Terminated GB2364714
Coating composition British Sugar PLC 00315158 2000-09-25 Terminated GB2367002
Enhancement of the fermentability of carbohydrate substrates by chromatographic purification British Sugar PLC 00315158 2004-07-28 Terminated GB2416776
Preparation of L-arabinose from sugar beet British Sugar PLC 00315158 2003-11-24 Granted GB2408262
Tanker Delivery Vehicle and System British Sugar Plc 00315158 2006-03-16 Terminated GB2436097
Thermal power plant British Sugar Corporation Limited 00315158 1979-01-31 Granted GB2041098
Treated Waste Products, Methods of preparing them and using the Same T&L Sugars Limited 07318607 2014-09-24 Terminated GB2518756

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