10200-Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs

Title Company Company Number Date filed Status Publication number
Determining the temperature of a cooking foodstuff Lyons Seafoods Limited 02987743 2008-09-26 Terminated GB2463893
A food container and a method of packaging food Lyons Seafoods Limited 02987743 2014-08-08 Granted GB2528978
Incorporating absorbent pad in food package Young's Seafood Limited 03751665 2001-07-04 Granted GB2377216
Preparation of batter-coated food products Young's Seafood Limited 03751665 1999-03-03 Granted GB2347338
Shaped seafood portions Young's Seafood Limited 03751665 2005-12-19 Granted GB2433225

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