08990-Other mining and quarrying not elsewhere classified

Title Company Company Number Date filed Status Publication number
Method and apparatus for delivering aggregate. Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd 00300002 1997-09-29 Terminated GB2329631
Transport bodies for particulate or semi-dry material Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd 00300002 1986-01-29 Granted GB2185729
Lining method of a side face of a landfill site Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd 00300002 1994-10-05 Ceased GB2293849
Tipping heated hopper for bituminous aggregate Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd 00300002 1998-09-29 Ceased GB2342092
Meter housings Northstone (NI) Limited NI004078 1998-01-09 Granted GB2333028
Modular inspection chamber with interlocking walls Northstone (NI) Limited NI004078 2007-12-21 Granted GB2455788
A liner Northstone (NI) Limited NI004078 2014-05-22 Awaiting First Examination GB2526343
Meter housing Northstone (NI) Limited NI004078 1998-06-17 Granted GB2338562
Underground chambers Northstone (NI) Limited NI004078 2002-11-06 Granted GB2394968
Lock assembly Northstone (NI) Limited NI004078 2010-03-18 Granted GB2468951
Lock assembly with key retaining aperture Northstone (NI) Limited NI004078 2013-02-21 Granted GB2500979
Lock assembly with key obstructing central pin Northstone (NI) Limited NI004078 2011-10-27 Terminated GB2497271
Drainable chamber with height adjustable aperture Northstone (NI) Limited NI004078 2015-07-31 Awaiting First Examination GB2540950
A ducting assembly Northstone (NI) Limited NI004078 2015-12-22 Awaiting First Examination GB2547184

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