77120-Renting and leasing of trucks and other heavy vehicles

Date Title Reference Subject
2019-09-26 Mr I Bates v David Wilson Trailers Ltd T/a DWT Exhibitions [2019] UKET 2602356/2018 Breach of Contract
2019-05-03 Mr B Hone v Petit Forestier UK Ltd and others [2019] UKET 1400437/2018 Age Discrimination
2019-04-17 Mr A Walter v Fresh Drivers Ltd [2019] UKET 1811235/2018 Unlawful Deduction from Wages
2019-03-29 Mr A Bladen v Croftwick Ltd [2019] UKET 1601768/2018 Breach of Contract
2019-03-28 Mr W D v s v Fraikin Ltd [2019] UKET 1305448/2018 Unfair Dismissal
2017-05-05 Miss S Greenwood v Salford Van Hire Ltd: [2017] UKET 1801337/2016 Equal Pay Act
2014-12-18 Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd v Revenue & Customs [2014] UKFTT 1110 (TC)
2013-01-11 Salford Van Hire Ltd v Revenue & Customs [2013] UKFTT 52 (TC)
2008-04-30 Ruttle Plant Ltd v Secretary of State for Environment Food & Rural Affairs No. 2 [2008] EWHC 238 (TCC)
2007-07-19 Boys v Cvme Truck Rental Ltd [2007] UKEAT 0037_07_1907
2005-03-08 CVME Truck Rental Ltd v Customs and Excise [2005] UKVAT V18968

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