74209-Photographic activities not elsewhere classified

Date Title Reference Subject
2019-05-24 Mr TJ Tapolczay v Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd [2019] UKET 2201549/2019 Interim Relief
2018-03-09 Mr Matthew Rowe-Alan v Hempstead May Ltd [2018] UKET 3201154/2017 Unfair Dismissal
2018-02-20 Miss L Cooke v Mays Floorplans Ltd [2018] UKET 2421142/2017 Unfair Dismissal
2013-12-17 Nonstop International Ltd v Revenue & Customs [2014] UKFTT 20 (TC)
2008-06-18 Photolibrary Group Ltd (t/a Garden Picture Library) & Ors v Burda Senator Verlag GmbH & Ors [2008] EWHC 1343 (QB)
2008-05-08 Trader Media Group Ltd v Revenue & Customs [2008] UKVAT V20671
2002-05-31 Getmapping Plc v Ordnance Survey [2002] EWHC 1089 (Pat)

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