55201-Holiday centres and villages

Date Title Reference Subject
2019-10-07 Mr M Kirton v Bridge Leisure Park Ltd [2019] UKET 4107822/2019 Sexual Orientation Discrimination/Transexualism
2018-10-15 Mr P Little v Seasons Holidays plc [2018] UKET 1401370/2017 Age Discrimination
2018-05-08 Miss M Wolfe v Green Parks Holidays (Ilfracombe) Ltd [2018] UKET 1400081/2018 Breach of Contract
2017-12-01 Mr A Hague v Shorewood Leisure Group Ltd and Percy Wood Leisure Ltd [2017] UKET 2500645/2017 Unfair Dismissal
2016-06-21 Mr K Redmond v Park Leisure 2000 Ltd [2016] UKET 2500661/2016 Unlawful Deduction from Wages

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