46480-Wholesale of watches and jewellery

Date Title Reference Subject
2019-09-27 Mrs L Fraser and others v Mortimer Management Group Ltd (in Administration) and others [2019] UKET 2405872/2019 Protective Award
2018-01-08 Miss L Mason v The Swatch Group UK Ltd [2018] UKET 2420728/2017 Jurisdictional Points
2017-10-04 Miss C Jones v Fossil UK Ltd [2017] UKET 3325784/2017 Breach of Contract : Redundancy
2014-08-08 The Swatch Group Ltd v Whois-privacy.net Ltd [2014] DRS 14505 Summary Decision Transfer
2012-06-29 The Swatch Group Ltd Omega Ltd v Juicy Wan [2012] DRS 11274 Summary Decision Transfer
2011-11-14 Palmun Ltd v Revenue & Customs [2011] UKFTT 738 (TC)
2011-10-24 The Swatch Group Ltd Compagnie Des Montres Longines, Francillon S.A. v Jun Wan [2011] DRS 10220 Summary Decision Transfer
2011-02-04 Graff Diamonds Ltd v. Boatwright [2011] UKEAT 0148_10_0402
2007-07-24 Kit Heath Ltd v Chao Investments Ltd [2007] DRS 4764
2006-02-07 Seiko UK Ltd v Astley [2006] DRS 3214
2004-09-09 Rotary Watches Ltd v Customs and Excise [2004] UKVAT V18759
2002-07-24 Seiko UK Ltd -v- Designer Time/Wanderweb [2002] DRS 248_Appeal
2002-05-08 Seiko UK Ltd -v- Designer Time/Wanderweb [2002] DRS 248

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