33160-Repair and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft

Date Title Reference Subject
2017-12-21 Ms S Lindo v Horizon Design Service Ltd [2017] UKET 1801481/2017 Breach of Contract
2017-04-10 Mr JM Simpore v AgustaWestland Ltd [2017] UKET 1400607/2016 Age Discrimination : Race Discrimination : Unfair Dismissal
2017-03-28 Miss J Glasford v Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd [2017] UKET 3300028/2017 Unlawful Deduction from Wages
2001-05-01 C v l Aviation Authority v Jet Services Ltd [2001] EWCA Civ 610
1999-10-13 Sun Chemicals Ltd v. Dixon [1999] UKEAT 578_99_1310

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