25730-Manufacture of tools

Date Title Reference Subject
2019-05-13 Mr A Slatter v Ripley Europe Ltd [2019] UKET 1305097/2018 Breach of Contract
2019-04-09 Technicut Limited v Technicut Profile Cutting Machines Ltd [2019] DRS 21083 Full Decision Transfer
2019-04-09 Technicut Limited v Identity Protect Limited [2019] DRS 21084 Full Decision Transfer
2019-02-18 Mr G Robinson v Andel Plastics Ltd [2019] UKET 1304697/2018 Breach of Contract
2018-02-02 Edge Tools & Equipment Ltd v Greatstar Europe Ltd [2018] EWHC 170 (QB)
2017-03-02 Composite Technologies Ltd v Revenue and Customs [2017] UKFTT 210 (TC) VAT - PENALTIES : Reasonable excuse
2016-07-14 Mr G Mills v Richmond Precision Services Ltd and Others [2016] UKET 1401211/2015 Disability Discrimination
2007-09-24 MacAnts Abrasives Ltd v Revenue & Customs [2007] UKVAT(Customs) C00243
2006-09-13 Artex Ltd v Ceildoor Products Ltd [2006] DRS 3857
2003-11-12 Mac'Ants Abrasives Ltd v The Commissioners of Customs and Excise [2003] UKVAT(Customs) C00183
1997-12-10 Adwest Engine Controls Limited (formerly Abeco Limited), Ross Courtney Limited v Tavismanor Limited [1997] EWHC Patents 353

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