12000-Manufacture of tobacco products

Date Title Reference Subject
2019-03-25 Gallaher Ltd v Revenue & Customs [2019] UKFTT 207 (TC) INCOME TAX/CORPORATION TAX : European law
2018-06-12 Mr D J Lacey v Vape Domain Ltd [2018] UKET 2600503/2018 Age Discrimination
2017-02-02 Mr B Malik v Gallaher Ltd [2017] UKET 2302765/2016 Age Discrimination : Breach of Contract : Unfair Dismissal : Unlawful Deduction from Wages
2010-03-23 Republic Technologies (UK) Ltd v Swan [2010] DRS 8179
2000-04-05 Smith v Gallaher Ltd [2000] UKEAT 0134_00_0504

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