01470-Raising of poultry

Date Title Reference Subject
2019-03-18 Mr A Platten v Norfolk Quail Ltd [2019] UKET 3300492/2019 Unlawful Deduction from Wages
2018-12-10 Mr D Eagle v Crown Chicken Ltd [2018] UKET 1803996/2018 Unfair Dismissal
2018-06-12 Ms R Cupial v Aviagen UK Ltd [2018] UKET 1300976/2018 Time Off
2017-11-27 Mr A Ciszewski v Traditional Norfolk Poultry Ltd [2017] UKET 3325873/2017 Breach of Contract : Unlawful Deduction from Wages : Working Time Regulations
2017-06-19 Mrs E Hill v Mid Wales Egg Packing Ltd [2017] UKET 1600003/2017 Maternity and Pregnancy Rights : Unlawful Deduction from Wages
2017-04-11 Mr M Legge v Hy-Line UK Ltd [2017] UKET 1300088/2017 Unfair Dismissal
2001-11-01 Stonegate Farmers Ltd v. Smith [2001] UKEAT 788_01_0111

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