10612-Manufacture of breakfast cereals and cereals-based food

Company Registered Address Company Number YE Date Revenue GBP Net Profit GBP Other SIC codes
ABF GRAIN PRODUCTS LIMITED , , WESTON CENTRE, 10 GROSVENOR STREET, LONDON, , , W1K 4QY 00079590 2017-09-16 981,072,000 -636,000 10710-Manufacture of bread; manufacture of fresh pastry goods and cakes
MORNING FOODS,LIMITED , , NORTH WESTERN MILLS, GRESTY ROAD, CREWE, CHESHIRE, , CW2 6HP 00375854 2017-07-31 140,114,976 3,075,042 10611-Grain milling
REAL GOOD FOOD PLC 229 CROWN STREET, LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND, L8 7RF 04666282 2018-03-31 129,842,000 -27,003,000 10890-Manufacture of other food products not elsewhere classified

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