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Source: International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
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Name Country Link Entity name Jurisdiction Start date -> End date Status Service Provider/Source
Studer - Nadia Pietroboni Bermuda is signatory for Armatas Reinsurance Company Ltd. Bermuda -> Appleby/Paradise Papers - Appleby
'''' is signatory for Quadramics Ltd. Bermuda -> Appleby/Paradise Papers - Appleby
'''' is signatory for Swiss Investment Ltd. Bermuda -> Appleby/Paradise Papers - Appleby
DROBONINE ALEXEI G. director of ALMAZ TRADING INTERNATIONAL INC. Barbados -> /Paradise Papers - Barbados corporate registry

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Last Updated: 13/06/2024
Date Designated: 13/06/2024
Unique ID: RUS2159

Name: ROBON (Primary Name)

Regime Name: The Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019
Individual/Entity/Ship: Ship
Designation Source: UK
Sanctions Imposed: Shipping sanctions: (see "Other information")
Other Information:: Shipping sanctions: a specified ship is prohibited from being provided with access to or having its master or pilot cause it to enter a port in the UK, may have its registration on the UK Ship Register terminated, and a master or pilot of a specified ship may be given a port barring direction, a detention direction, and a port entry direction or a movement direction.

UK Statement of Reasons: ROBON (IMO 9144782) is involved in activity whose object or effect is to destabilise Ukraine or undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty or independence of Ukraine or to obtain a benefit from or support the Government of Russia. Namely, ROBON is involved in carrying oil or oil-related products that originated in Russia from Russia to a third country.
IMONumber: IMO9144782
CurrentOwnerOperator: Crystal Crest Corporation
CurrentBelievedFlagOfShip: Cameroon
TypeOfShip: Oil Tanker
YearBuilt: 1997

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