04217916 SKYSCANNER LIMITED court cases

Date Title Reference Subject
2019-10-09 Skyscanner Limited v Fundacion Comercio Electronico (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2019] DRS 21786 Summary Decision Transfer
2019-09-20 Skyscanner Limited v STO PROCENT Lucjan Misiag (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2019] DRS 21713 Summary Decision Transfer
2019-09-09 Skyscanner Limited v MISS ALICE PARKER (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2019] DRS 21714 Summary Decision Transfer
2019-09-02 Skyscanner Limited v Lisa Parker (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2019] DRS 21671 Summary Decision Transfer
2019-07-04 Skyscanner Limited v Alex John (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2019] DRS 21419 Summary Decision Transfer
2019-06-13 Skyscanner Limited v Damini Soni (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2019] DRS 21397 Summary Decision Transfer
2019-06-12 Skyscanner Limited v Milen Radumilo (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2019] DRS 21351 Summary Decision Transfer
2019-04-18 Skyscanner Limited v Leanne Mcgloughlin (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2019] DRS 21161 Summary Decision Transfer
2019-02-25 Skyscanner Limited v Mr Pawan Yadav (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2019] DRS 21049 Summary Decision Transfer
2018-12-10 Skyscanner Limited v . Aleksey Morozov (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2018] DRS 20792 Summary Decision Transfer
2017-03-21 Skyscanner Limited v Traveler Trolly (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2017] DRS 18516 Summary Decision Transfer
2016-06-08 Skyscanner Limited v Fast Line Uk Ltd (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2016] DRS 17393 Summary Decision Transfer
2014-11-26 Skyscanner Ltd v Competition and Markets Authority (Costs) [2014] CAT 19 Costs
2014-09-26 Skyscanner Ltd v CAT [2014] CAT 16
2014-07-28 Skyscanner Ltd v Competition and Markets Authority [2014] CAT 12
2014-03-12 Skyscanner Limited v Dhr. Alan Elias (Full Decision _Transfer) [2014] DRS 13645 Full Decision Transfer

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