04039524 CARNIVAL PLC court cases

Date Title Reference Subject
2018-08-18 Mr M Gallagher v Carnival Plc (England and Wales : Age Discrimination) [2018] UKET 2421208/2017 Age Discrimination
2017-02-25 Miss H Rule v Carnival plc (Trading as Carnival UK) (England and Wales : Disability Discrimination : Public Interest Disclosure) [2017] UKET 1401927/2016 Disability Discrimination : Public Interest Disclosure
2011-10-27 Dawkins v Carnival Plc (t/a P & O Cruises) [2011] EWCA Civ 1237
2010-04-20 Milner & Anor v Carnival Plc (t/a Cunard) [2010] EWCA Civ 389
2009-05-20 Carnival Plc v Principal Inspections Ltd [2009] DRS 6985
2008-06-20 Carnival Plc, Trading As P&O Cruises v Bernsteiner [2008] DRS 5666
2006-08-07 Carnival PLC v Freshfields Consulting Ltd [2006] DRS 4432

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