02937724 AXA UK PLC court cases

Date Title Reference Subject
2017-10-26 Mr E Bradshaw v Axa UK plc (England and Wales : Unfair Dismissal) [2017] UKET 2206535/2017 Unfair Dismissal
2016-02-09 Yagomba v Axa Uk Plc & 16 Others (Practice and Procedure: Withdrawal) [2016] UKEAT 0281_15_0902 Practice and Procedure: Withdrawal
2011-12-20 Revenue And Customs v AXA UK Plc [2011] EWCA Civ 1607
2007-09-12 Axa UK Plc v Revenue & Customs [2007] UKVAT V20342
2007-07-10 AXA UK plc v Norris [2007] DRS 4712

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