02593690 BGL GROUP LIMITED court cases

Date Title Reference Subject
2018-11-26 Ms R Rimkute v BGL Group Ltd (England and Wales : Disability Discrimination) [2018] UKET 3306960/2018 Disability Discrimination
2015-06-11 BGL Group Limited v Claude Vertan (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2015] DRS 15841 Summary Decision Transfer
2015-05-11 BGL Group Limited v Andre Sarkis (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2015] DRS 15703 Summary Decision Transfer
2012-09-25 BGL Group Limited v Mr Paul Green (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2012] DRS 11799 Summary Decision Transfer
2012-08-06 BGL Group Limited v C T (Summary Decision _Transfer) [2012] DRS 11574 Summary Decision Transfer

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