00194561 INCHCAPE RETAIL LIMITED court cases

Date Title Reference Subject
2019-06-07 Inchcape Retail Ltd v Shelton [2019] UKEAT 0142_19_0706
2019-01-26 Mr A Shelton v Inchcape Retail Ltd (England and Wales : Unfair Dismissal) [2019] UKET 2301590/2018 Unfair Dismissal
2011-10-26 Inchcape Retail Ltd v Whiting (Unfair Dismissal : Reasonableness of dismissal) [2011] UKEAT 0089_11_2610 Unfair Dismissal : Reasonableness of dismissal
2009-12-03 Inchcape Retail Ltd v. Symonds [2009] UKEAT 0316_09_0312
2003-11-27 Inchcape Retail Ltd v. Large [2003] UKEAT 0500_03_2711

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