Company Number: 02519556
Incorporation date: 06-Jul-1990
Status: Active
Company type: Private Limited Company

SIC codes:
26309 Manufacture of communication equipment other than telegraph, and telephone apparatus and equipment
62012 Business and domestic software development
72190 Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering


Accounts Filed: FULL

P&L Financials:
Year end Currency Revenue Operating profit Interest Received Interest Paid Tax Net Profit GBP
31-Mar-2020 EUR 10,314,000 1,354,130 20,755 262,014 1,112,871
31-Mar-2019 GBP 9,578,212 1,188,494 47,306 242,355 993,445
31-Mar-2018 GBP 9,416,500 1,038,630 89,590 10,000 295,945 1,245,275

Balance Sheet Financials:
Year end Currency Cash Current Assets Current Liabilities Debt Share Capital Premium Reserve Retained Earnings Net Assets
31-Mar-2020 EUR 1,067,378 3,346,131 1,419 14 7 2,106,316 3,138,316
31-Mar-2019 GBP 407,217 5,260,231 1,851,726 1,032,000 2,238,720 3,270,720
31-Mar-2018 GBP 159,968 4,882,954 2,211,843 366,896 1,032,000 1,245,275 2,277,275


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Status Name Appointed on Resigned on Occupation Nationality All apointments
Active AZUMA, Hirofumi 2021-07-01 1 - 0
Resigned KANEKO, Masato 2017-11-16 2021-07-01 0 - 1
Resigned Hiroshi FURUTA 2015-10-16 2017-11-16 0 - 1
Resigned INOUE, Yukio 2014-07-15 2015-10-16 0 - 1
Resigned ISHIKAWA, Junichi 2013-08-01 2014-07-15 0 - 1
Resigned NONAMI, Shunsuke 2013-03-01 2013-07-31 0 - 1
Resigned UCHIKOGA, Shuichi, Dr 2012-04-01 2013-03-01 0 - 1
Resigned SERIZAWA, Mutsumu, Dr 2009-04-01 2012-03-31 0 - 2
Resigned SATA, Yutaka, Dr 2008-04-01 2009-03-31 0 - 2
Resigned KAWABATA, Kazuaki 2005-04-05 2008-04-01 0 - 2
Resigned KATO, Riichi, Dr 2003-06-14 2005-04-04 0 - 3
Resigned KAMATANI, Yukio 2002-04-15 2003-06-13 0 - 2
Resigned SUGAWARA, Tsutomu, Doctor 2001-04-01 2002-04-15 0 - 2
Resigned EGUSA, Shun, Dr 1997-07-16 2001-04-30 0 - 4
Resigned NARUSE, Yujiro 1994-07-16 1997-07-16 0 - 2
Resigned IKAWA, Yasuo, Dr 0000-00-00 1994-07-16 0 - 2


Status Name Appointed on Resigned on Occupation Nationality All appointments
Dissolved companies
Active AZUMA, Hirofumi 01 Jul 2021 Vp Finance & Accounting Japanese 3 - 00 (0.0%)
Active Tomoaki KUMAGAI 01 Jun 2020 President Japanese 3 - 00 (0.0%)
Active TSUKUDA, Takuya 01 Apr 2020 Director Japanese 1 - 00 (0.0%)
Resigned Masato KANEKO 01 Apr 2020 01 Jul 2021 Director Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned SOORIYABANDARA, Mahesh 01 Feb 2019 31 Mar 2020 Research Director British 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Active SATA, Yutaka, Dr 01 Apr 2018 Director, Corp R&D Japanese 1 - 00 (0.0%)
Resigned IZUHA, Tatsuya 01 Apr 2018 31 Mar 2020 Deputy Managing Director Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned OTSUKA, Hitoshi 31 Oct 2017 31 May 2020 Corporate Representative Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned Ichiro SETO 01 Apr 2017 31 Mar 2020 Research Scientist Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned YOKOTA, Takeshi 22 Jun 2016 31 Oct 2017 Corporate Senior Vice President Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned Hidehito MURATO 30 Sep 2015 22 Jun 2016 Director Japanese 0 - 20 (0.0%)
Resigned HORI, Osamu, Dr 09 Jul 2015 31 Mar 2020 Research Director Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned NISHIDA, Naoto, Dr 25 Jun 2014 31 Oct 2017 Executive Officer Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned ASAI, Hironori, Dr 01 Apr 2013 31 Mar 2018 Research Scientist Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned HASHIMOTO, Noriaki 22 Jun 2012 30 Sep 2015 Corporate Representative Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned BABA, Shinichi 01 Apr 2012 01 Apr 2017 Research Scientist Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned Ian James CRADDOCK 01 Aug 2011 31 Jan 2019 Professor British 0 - 20 (0.0%)
Resigned SAITO, Shiro, Dr 28 Jun 2011 31 Mar 2020 Executive Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned IWAMA, Koji 01 Apr 2010 22 Jun 2012 Corporate Representative Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned Shuichi UCHIKOGA 01 May 2009 31 Mar 2013 Lab Leader Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned SUDO, Akira, Dr 25 Jun 2008 25 Jun 2014 Corporate Vice President Of Toshiba Corporation Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned Satoshi NIIKURA 11 Jun 2008 31 Mar 2010 Corporate Representative Japanese 0 - 30 (0.0%)
Resigned SERIZAWA, Mutsumu, Dr 01 Apr 2008 31 Mar 2012 Research Scientist Japanese 0 - 20 (0.0%)
Resigned CIPOLLA, Roberto, Prof 05 Jul 2007 31 Mar 2020 Professor British 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned TAI, Ichiro, Dr 30 Jun 2006 28 Jun 2011 Executive Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned SATA, Yutaka, Dr 05 Apr 2005 31 Mar 2009 Mechanical Engineer Japanese 0 - 20 (0.0%)
Resigned KAWABATA, Kazuaki 06 Apr 2004 01 Apr 2008 Electrical Engineer Japanese 0 - 20 (0.0%)
Resigned ISHII, Takahiro 01 Oct 2002 10 Jun 2008 Corporate Representative Japanese 0 - 60 (0.0%)
Resigned KAMATANI, Yukio 15 Apr 2002 05 Apr 2004 Electrical Engineer Japanese 0 - 20 (0.0%)
Resigned KATO, Riichi, Dr 01 May 2001 04 Apr 2005 Electrical Engineer Japanese 0 - 30 (0.0%)
Resigned AZUMA, Makoto 01 May 1999 24 Jun 2008 Research Scientist Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned ARINOBU, Mutsuhiro, Dr 01 May 1999 29 Jun 2006 Research Scientist Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned IHORI, Masayuki 01 Jan 1999 30 Sep 2002 Business Executive Japanese 0 - 71 (14.3%)
Resigned SUGAWARA, Tsutomu, Doctor 01 Aug 1998 15 Apr 2002 Electronics Engineer Japanese 0 - 20 (0.0%)
Resigned YANO, Hironori 01 Aug 1998 31 Dec 1998 Business Executive Japanese 0 - 60 (0.0%)
Resigned Joseph Peter MCGEEHAN 01 Aug 1998 31 Jul 2011 University Professor British 0 - 111 (9.1%)
Resigned OSHIMA, Toshiyuki 01 Apr 1998 31 Mar 1999 Electrical Engineer Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned EGUSA, Shun, Dr 16 Jul 1997 30 Apr 2001 Chemist Japanese 0 - 40 (0.0%)
Resigned YANABU, Satoru 01 Apr 1996 01 Apr 1998 General Manager Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned NAKATSUKA, Haruo 01 Apr 1996 31 Mar 1999 Chief Research Director Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned NARUSE, Yujiro 16 Jul 1994 16 Jul 1997 Electrical Engineer Japanese 0 - 20 (0.0%)
Resigned FUJIMASA, Akira 01 Sep 1993 01 Apr 1996 Gen Manager Toshiba Corp.Japan Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned KASAMI, Akinobu, Dr 27 Nov 1992 01 Apr 1996 Scientist Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned KUWAHARA, Akira 30 Nov -0001 27 Nov 1992 Electrical Engineer Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned SHIMOMURA, Naohisa, Dr 30 Nov -0001 01 Sep 1993 Electrical Engineer Japanese 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned IKAWA, Yasuo, Dr 30 Nov -0001 16 Jul 1994 Electrical Engineer Japanese 0 - 20 (0.0%)
Resigned PEPPER, Michael, Sir 30 Nov -0001 05 Jul 2007 Research Scientist British 4 - 21 (16.7%)
Number of active directors: 4
Average tenure of active directors: 2.4 years
Average tenure of resigned directors: 3.7 years
Average active director Dissolution Rate: 0.0%


TOSHIBA EUROPE LIMITED (02519556 ) - Active
TOSHIBA OF EUROPE LIMITED (03468211 ) - Active


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Title Date filed Status Publication number
A photon source and method of fabricating a photon source 2016-10-14 Pending GB2555100
A photon detection device and a method of manufacturing a photon detection device 2016-06-13 Pending GB2551483
A speech processing system and speech processing method 2016-04-04 Pending GB2549103
Low-complexity LLR computation for non-uniform QAM constellations 2016-03-31 Pending GB2548876
Image adjustment 2016-03-22 Awaiting First Examination GB2549068
Multi-stream spectral representation for statistical parametric speech synthesis 2016-03-14 Awaiting Re-examination GB2548356
Transmit and receive apparatus and method 2016-02-03 Awaiting Re-examination GB2546994
Multi-threshold listening method for dynamic sensitivity control enabled wireless MAC 2016-02-03 Awaiting Re-examination GB2546993
Noise compensation in speaker-adaptive systems 2016-02-02 Awaiting Re-examination GB2546981
Communication system and method 2016-01-20 Awaiting Re-examination GB2546514
Speaker-adaptive speech recognition 2016-01-18 Awaiting Re-examination GB2546325
A method, apparatus, system, and computer readable medium for detecting change to a structure 2015-09-04 Awaiting First Examination GB2542118
An interference system and a method of fabricating an interference system 2015-07-22 Granted GB2540589
An optical measuring device 2015-06-03 Awaiting Re-examination GB2539017
Speech synthesis using dynamical modelling with global variance 2015-04-30 Pending GB2537907
Device and method for a spoken dialogue system 2015-04-30 Awaiting Re-examination GB2537903
Speech synthesis using linear dynamical modelling 2015-04-30 Pending GB2537908
A speech processing system and speech processing method 2015-04-30 Pending GB2537923
A Speech Processing System and Method 2015-04-30 Awaiting Re-examination GB2537924
An optical device 2015-04-21 Granted GB2537821
A speech processing device 2015-03-27 Awaiting Re-examination GB2536727
A speech processing system and speech processing method 2015-03-27 Granted GB2536729
Object pose recognition 2015-03-20 Awaiting First Examination GB2536493
An optical device and a method of fabricating an optical device 2015-02-12 Pending GB2535197
A quantum communication system and a quantum communication method 2015-02-05 Awaiting Re-examination GB2534918
A quantum communication system and a quantum communication method 2015-02-05 Granted GB2534917
Methods and systems for generating a three dimensional model of a subject 2014-10-23 Granted GB2531585
An optical device and method of fabricating an optical device 2014-10-22 Granted GB2531568
A sending unit, receiving unit and a quantum communications system using a biased string of variables produced using a code-word set 2014-09-22 Granted GB2530346
An interference system and an interference method 2014-08-14 Granted GB2529228
Image Analysis Method 2014-07-25 Granted GB2528669
A quantum communication system 2014-06-23 In Order For Grant GB2550264
A quantum communication system 2014-06-23 In Order For Grant GB2534109
A quantum communication system 2014-06-23 Awaiting Applicant's Response GB2550263
Method for localising scattering elements in a 3D environment 2014-05-23 Awaiting Applicant's Response GB2526783
Speech analysis 2014-05-19 Granted GB2526291
A random number generator 2014-05-19 Granted GB2526288
A photon source 2014-05-15 Awaiting Applicant's Response GB2526140
A speech processing system 2014-04-25 Granted GB2525438
An optical device 2014-04-22 Granted GB2525399
An optical device 2014-04-22 Granted GB2525501
Speech synthesis 2014-03-24 Granted GB2524503
Voice conversion 2014-03-24 Granted GB2524505
Methods for 3D object recognition and registration 2014-03-04 Granted GB2523776
Speech processing system 2013-11-07 Granted GB2520048
Wireless device and method 2013-09-18 Awaiting First Examination GB2533247
Method and system for establishing a network connection 2013-09-18 Awaiting First Examination GB2534715
Methods and apparatus for a TDMA mesh network 2013-09-17 Awaiting First Examination GB2533246
Envelope modulator 2013-09-13 Awaiting First Examination GB2532681
A speech processing system and method 2013-08-23 Granted GB2517503
A Computer Generated Emulation of a subject 2013-08-16 Granted GB2517212
A system and method for analysing data from a microwave inverse scattering apparatus 2013-08-14 Awaiting First Examination GB2531226
Synthetic audiovisual storyteller 2013-08-08 Granted GB2516965
RAN overload control for M2M communications in LTE networks 2013-08-01 Awaiting First Examination GB2531221
Methods and systems for generating a three dimensional representation of a subject 2013-06-21 Granted GB2515343
A signal manipulator for a quantum communication system 2013-05-14 Granted GB2514134
A photon detector and a photon detection method 2013-04-26 Granted GB2513408
Energy-efficient mode-switch power amplifier set 2013-03-28 Awaiting First Examination GB2529566
Content centric and load-balancing aware dynamic data aggregation 2013-03-28 Granted GB2517382
Allocating energy resources in a network signaling node 2013-03-28 Awaiting First Examination GB2526738
Signal processing method and apparatus 2013-03-27 Awaiting First Examination GB2526737
Wireless communication methods and apparatus 2013-03-07 Awaiting First Examination GB2525811
Field effect transistor device 2013-03-06 Granted GB2511541
Animating a computer generated head based on information to be output by the head 2013-01-29 Granted GB2510200
A computer generated head 2013-01-29 Granted GB2510201
Quantum communication system wherein an optical component comprising a birefringent optical material causes a delay between photons of different polarisation 2013-01-24 Granted GB2510130
Speech synthesis by combining probability distributions from different linguistic levels 2012-11-30 Granted GB2508411
A speech processing system 2012-11-30 Granted GB2508417
Image processing with similarity measure of two image patches 2012-11-05 Terminated GB2507558
Normalised path loss model 2012-10-30 Granted GB2507492
Adaptive transmission using channel interference feedback 2012-10-15 Granted GB2506937
Monitoring the intensity of a stream of modulated pulses using a gated detector controlled by a pulse modulation control signal 2012-10-12 Granted GB2506916
A system and method for intensity monitoring 2012-10-12 Granted GB2520208
A hub unit processes received signals to produce fewer intermediate signals and generates a combined output for presenting to a base station 2012-09-20 Terminated GB2506127
Controller for coordinating wireless transmissions between a plurality of radio units and one or more user devices 2012-09-18 Granted GB2505965
Distinguishing between congestion and interference by applying cluster analysis to sets of network traffic measurements 2012-09-12 Ceased GB2505888
Methods and systems for generating a 3D representation of a subject 2012-08-07 Granted GB2504711
Quantum cryptography system with error correction and privacy amplification 2012-07-02 Granted GB2503045
Selecting routes between nodes in a network based on node processing gain and lifetime 2012-05-31 Terminated GB2502775
A transceiver including electro-mechanical switches and solid-state switches for selecting an antenna for communication 2012-05-22 Ceased GB2502308
A System and Method for Quantum Teleportation 2012-05-16 Granted GB2502264
Analysing power consumption of electrical appliances to determine a person's state of health 2012-05-14 Terminated GB2502062
Relay selection in dual-hop wireless communications 2012-05-11 Ceased GB2501932
Quasi orthogonal STBC for multi-antenna relay systems formed using heterogeneous coding at source and relays respectively 2012-05-03 Granted GB2501750
An efficient asymmetric push-pull amplifier for an envelope modulator 2012-04-26 Terminated GB2501524
Spatial modulation encoding using an antenna array 2012-04-25 Granted GB2501507
Photon source 2012-03-30 Granted GB2502509
Determining path metrics in a wireless relay device for route selection 2012-03-28 Ceased GB2500648
Rate optimisation for scalable video transmission 2012-03-15 Ceased GB2500245
Multilevel power supply having two sources 2012-02-24 Granted GB2499653
Dynamic compensation for wireless device location determination 2012-01-30 Granted GB2498801
Wireless communication methods and apparatus 2012-01-20 Ceased GB2498588
Enhancing the reliability of spectrum sensing with partial soft information feedback in a cognitive relay network 2012-01-16 Ceased GB2498402
Radio resource management for distributed cellular systems 2011-12-23 Ceased GB2497989
Cache selection by clients in a content-on-demand network 2011-12-22 Terminated GB2497814
Privacy protection for smart metering data 2011-12-20 Granted GB2497783
Wireless communications method and apparatus 2011-12-12 Ceased GB2497548
A reconstruction system and method 2011-12-06 Granted GB2497517
Resource allocation in base stations with shared operating bandwidth and overlapping coverage areas 2011-11-15 Terminated GB2496844
Quantum memory 2011-10-28 Granted GB2495994
Methods of establishing communication in a sensor network, and apparatus thereof 2011-10-19 Ceased GB2495910
Antenna combining 2011-09-28 Ceased GB2495110
Object location method and system 2011-08-23 Granted GB2496834
Pose comparing system 2011-07-11 Ceased GB2492779
Using cognitive radio for relaying in a wireless communication network 2011-06-22 Terminated GB2492324
TDMA is applied to a quantum communication system, allowing multiple transmitters to share a single receiver 2011-06-17 Granted GB2492083
Wireless communications methods and apparatus 2011-06-17 Ceased GB2491900
A quantum communication system 2011-06-17 Granted GB2529101
Distributed interference management 2011-06-13 Granted GB2491851
Transmit antenna selection in a multi-carrier, multi-antenna transceiver using signal metrics associated with signals received by the transceiver 2011-05-24 Ceased GB2491157
Single photon emission devices 2011-05-20 Granted GB2490969
Synchronisation of weak light pulse communication system 2011-05-19 Granted GB2491115
Capturing 3D image data by combining an image normal field derived from multiple light source illumination with depth map data 2011-05-09 Granted GB2490872
Environmental condition control method and apparatus 2011-05-05 Ceased GB2490536
An integrated auto-diarization system which identifies a plurality of speakers in audio data and decodes the speech to create a transcript 2011-03-30 Granted GB2489489
A voice conversion method and system 2011-03-29 Granted GB2489473
A crossover network comprising cascaded filter sections having conjugate phase responses 2011-03-25 Terminated GB2489440
Segmentation of images into superpixels 2011-03-23 Granted GB2489272
Turbo decoding bit flipping 2011-01-14 Ceased GB2487232
Localisation of electronic equipment 2011-01-07 Granted GB2500355
Credit balances for nodes in a network are amended based on confirmation messages received from the nodes and on reputation records 2011-01-06 Terminated GB2487073
Digital Rights Management with DRM-specific link layer encryption 2010-12-22 Terminated GB2486718
Avalanche photo-diode single photon detector 2010-11-12 Granted GB2485400
Forwarding and routing in sensor networks 2010-10-22 Ceased GB2484915
A power supply modulator for an RF amplifier, using a current-output class G amplifier 2010-10-11 Terminated GB2484475
Device identification 2010-10-05 Ceased GB2484303
A video analysis method and system 2010-09-30 Granted GB2484133
A receiver for a quantum communication system 2010-09-13 Granted GB2483518
A speech processing system that applies speaker adaptation techniques into an environment mismatch function 2010-08-16 Granted GB2482874
Transfer of a utility usage meter reading to a user device associated with the meter and verifying the information received from the device 2010-07-29 Terminated GB2482326
Network resource management methods and apparatus 2010-07-28 Ceased GB2482316
Method and apparatus for antenna selection in wireless communication systems 2010-07-23 Ceased GB2482197
Radio resource management in femtocells 2010-05-28 Granted GB2480692
Radio resource management in femto cells 2010-05-28 Terminated GB2480690
Radio resource management in femto cells 2010-05-28 Ceased GB2480691
Radio resource management in femtocells 2010-05-28 Granted GB2480689
Activating femtocell antennas based on device location 2010-05-20 Terminated GB2480485
A semiconductor device and a method of fabricating a semiconductor device 2010-05-10 Granted GB2480265
Speech Synthesis using jointly estimated acoustic and excitation models 2010-05-07 Granted GB2480108
A speech processing system and method 2010-05-05 Granted GB2480084
An adaptive speech recognition system and method using a cascade of transforms 2010-05-05 Granted GB2480085
Data transmission method for SMART meters using an anonymous ID 2010-04-29 Granted GB2479922
Data transmission apparatus and method 2010-04-29 Granted GB2513004
Data transmission apparatus and method 2010-04-29 Granted GB2514961
Utility data transmission comprising means for not identifying a meter from its unique identifier 2010-04-29 Granted GB2479955
Privacy-driven moderation of electrical metering data 2010-04-28 Granted GB2479908
Device and method for anonymising smart metering data 2010-04-28 Granted GB2479956
Method for making smart meter data anonymous using a privacy scrambler 2010-04-28 Granted GB2473083
Device and method for anonymising smart metering data 2010-04-28 Granted GB2487859
Optimising a network of heterogeneous network resources 2010-04-16 Granted GB2479596
Smart femto cell multimedia management 2010-04-15 Ceased GB2479580
Low complexity antenna selection methods for interference rejection receivers 2010-04-13 Ceased GB2479549
Negotiating with a femto-cell base station for access to a portion of a physical radio channel for communicating to a user station 2010-04-07 Ceased GB2479376
Dual indicator and dual codebook MIMO feedback 2010-04-07 Granted GB2479377
Remotely weighted SDMA transmission 2010-04-07 Ceased GB2479378
A quantum logic component and a method of controlling a qubit 2010-03-30 Granted GB2479162
A photon detector 2010-03-26 Granted GB2479002
Automated fault reporting in femtocells 2010-03-25 Granted GB2478978
Channel estimation in support of antenna switching 2010-03-15 Ceased GB2478735
Linear multiuser precoding with multiple-receive antenna users 2010-03-12 Granted GB2478603
Wireless communications channel estimation 2010-03-12 Ceased GB2478604
OFDM channel estimation via antenna-subcarrier assignment and channel correlation matrix 2010-03-12 Ceased GB2478601
A semiconductor device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device 2010-03-12 Granted GB2478602
Optimal pilot symbol design/placement in spatial and delay correlated MIMO OFDM channels 2010-03-05 Terminated GB2478360
Energy management 2010-03-02 Ceased GB2478315
Incorporating context dependency in an acoustic model for both speech recognition and synthesis 2010-03-02 Granted GB2478314
Method and apparatus for crest factor reduction 2010-02-22 Granted GB2477986
Photon correlator and method of measuring photon correlation 2010-02-19 Granted GB2477961
Monitoring the activities of vulnerable persons in a domestic environment 2010-02-19 Ceased GB2477963
Wireless communications apparatus and method 2010-02-15 Ceased GB2477918
A class AB wideband high-power current output push-pull amplifier 2010-02-09 Granted GB2477572
Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) communication system and method 2010-01-08 Granted GB2476818
Antenna allocation in a MIMO-OFDM system using a combination of bulk and per-tone antenna selection 2009-11-13 Granted GB2475307
A photon detector 2009-11-09 Granted GB2475235
A photon source for producing entangled photons 2009-11-06 Granted GB2475099
Transmission of channel state information (CSI) with reduced overhead 2009-11-06 Granted GB2475098
Tuneable quantum light source 2009-11-06 Granted GB2488199
Tuneable quantum light source 2009-11-06 Granted GB2476926
Apparatus and method for use in a femto cell 2009-10-21 Granted GB2506552
Apparatus and method for use in a femto cell 2009-10-21 Granted GB2487176
Correlated probabilistic trajectories pedestrian motion detection using a decision forest 2009-08-06 Terminated GB2485733
Correlated probabilistic trajectories pedestrian motion detection using a decision forest 2009-08-06 Terminated GB2488445
A block spread code division multiple access transmission system and a method of and receiver for cancelling interference in such a transmission system 2009-08-04 Ceased GB2472569
Peak to average power reduction in OFDM systems by constellation modification using the zero point of the argand diagram 2009-07-15 Ceased GB2471876
A speech recognition system and method which mimics transform parameters and estimates the mimicked transform parameters 2009-07-15 Granted GB2471875
Determining receiver beam forming vectors in multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems 2009-07-08 Terminated GB2471694
3D image generation 2009-06-11 Granted GB2483213
A text to speech method and system 2009-06-10 Granted GB2484615
Wireless communications method and apparatus 2009-05-19 Granted GB2470372
A speech processing method and apparatus 2009-04-16 Granted GB2482630
Method and apparatus for reducing co-channel interference 2009-04-14 Ceased GB2469465
Wireless communication method and apparatus 2009-03-31 Ceased GB2469081
Wireless communications method and apparatus 2009-03-31 Ceased GB2469080
Determining the position of OFDM pilot subcarriers based upon channel covariance matrix 2009-03-20 Terminated GB2468721
Vector perturbation multi-antennae multi-user communication using a power scaling matrix 2009-02-18 Terminated GB2467916
A user selection method in multi-user MIMO, based on quality of service, which enables communication with legacy devices 2009-01-22 Ceased GB2467146
Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) communication with vector perturbation such that pilots remain unperturbed 2009-01-22 Granted GB2467143
MIMO precoding method which uses a perturbation vector determined using a diagonal matrix representing plural modulo shift parameters 2009-01-22 Ceased GB2467145
Wireless communications methods and apparatus 2009-01-22 Ceased GB2467144
Method for estimating reliability of a wireless network 2009-01-19 Ceased GB2466988
Precoding selection for a user in a THP MIMO system 2009-01-09 Ceased GB2466928
Sharing a common wireless communication channel 2008-12-22 Terminated GB2466469
A photon detector, a method of photon detection and a conditioning circuit 2008-12-19 Granted GB2466299
Spectrum allocation in cognitive radio networks 2008-11-26 Terminated GB2465756
Random number generation using photon detection events 2008-11-17 Granted GB2457328
Method of producing computer programs 2008-11-14 Terminated GB2465382
A speech recognition method and system 2008-11-14 Granted GB2465383
A speech based method and system for retrieving data 2008-11-14 Granted GB2465384
A method of managing a transmission mode of a wireless device 2008-10-31 Terminated GB2464973
Determining Surface Normals from Three Images 2008-10-10 Granted GB2464453
Speech recognition apparatus and method 2008-09-29 Granted GB2463909
Adapting a speech recognition model 2008-09-29 Granted GB2464093
Speech recognition utilising a hybrid combination of probabilities output from a language model and an acoustic model. 2008-09-29 Granted GB2463908
An MMSE Equaliser for asynchronous reception in Code Division Multiple Access Systems 2008-09-24 Ceased GB2463872
A block transmission method involving the use of time reversal and cyclic prefix and suffix 2008-09-16 Granted GB2463508
A message passing LDPC matrix decoder with parallel sub-decoders scheduled to avoid memory contention problems 2008-09-04 Ceased GB2463252
A wireless communication apparatus and method of controlling same 2008-09-03 Ceased GB2463244
Data compression method and apparatus 2008-08-29 Ceased GB2463050
A data decoding device and method 2008-08-26 Ceased GB2463011
Determination of a contention period for access to a channel in a wireless communication device 2008-08-12 Ceased GB2462614
A reading system and method for reading encoded carriers 2008-08-11 Granted GB2462606
Thin film structure for use in bioassay applications 2008-08-11 Granted GB2462604
Apparatus and method for measuring an encoded carrier 2008-08-11 Granted GB2462605
Wireless network access 2008-07-09 Ceased GB2461724
Vector quantisation using successive refinements with codebooks of decreasing dimensions 2008-07-01 Granted GB2464447
Wireless communication method and apparatus 2008-06-30 Ceased GB2461517
Method of selecting an access point 2008-06-30 Terminated GB2468469
A method of predicting traffic in a wireless network 2008-06-30 Terminated GB2461516
Method of implementing opportunistic relaying in a wireless network 2008-06-06 Ceased GB2460701
wireless communication apparatus 2008-03-25 Ceased GB2458528
Wireless communication apparatus 2008-03-20 Ceased GB2458883
Wireless communications apparatus 2008-03-14 Granted GB2458323
Beamforming in a radiated power controlled multi-antenna transmission 2008-03-14 Ceased GB2459832
Wireless communications apparatus 2008-03-14 Granted GB2458324
Wireless communications apparatus 2008-03-14 Ceased GB2458880
Wireless communications apparatus 2008-02-26 Ceased GB2457890
Lattice reduction for detection of MIMO systems using an LLL-based algorithm 2008-02-18 Terminated GB2457507
Optimisation of wireless multimedia data transmission 2008-02-06 Ceased GB2457254
A random number generator and random number generating method 2008-02-05 Granted GB2457238
Duplexing communications to terminal classes in both time and frequency domains 2008-01-18 Ceased GB2457011
Assigning MIMO-OFDM sub-carriers to antennas optimally, then balancing antenna power with minimum performance cost reassignment of sub-carriers 2008-01-17 Ceased GB2456547
A quantum information system 2008-01-14 Granted GB2456347
Data processing apparatus for adjusting the inner product of first and second vectors using orthogonal transformations. 2008-01-10 Ceased GB2456319
A photon detection system and a method of photon detection 2008-01-03 Granted GB2456149
Wireless networking 2007-12-21 Ceased GB2455792
Establishing a multi-hop route in wireless network 2007-12-21 Terminated GB2455794
Scheduling transmissions between base station and mobile stations based upon service performance parameters 2007-12-18 Ceased GB2456127
Interference avoidance 2007-11-09 Ceased GB2454513
Wireless communications apparatus 2007-10-18 Ceased GB2453772
Lattice reduction aided MIMO detector with storing means for storing channel decoding information output from a pre-processing section 2007-10-18 Terminated GB2453777
QR Decomposition-based Lattice Reduction in a MIMO receiver 2007-10-18 Ceased GB2453776
MIMO decoder with QR decomposition performed before and after lattice reduction, using a feedback arrangement 2007-10-18 Ceased GB2453779
Wireless communications apparatus 2007-10-18 Ceased GB2453773
Automatic speech recognition method and apparatus 2007-10-04 Granted GB2453366
Conditioning OFDM signals for transmission by multiple antenna transmitters 2007-09-28 Ceased GB2453171
Distributing subcarriers between multiple antennas of a multiple antenna wireless transmission system to optimise performance. 2007-09-27 Ceased GB2453147
Narrowband interference avoidance using constrained optimization of AIC tones 2007-09-27 Ceased GB2453148
Imaging system and method for generating a depth map using three light sources having different frequencies 2007-09-19 Granted GB2452944
Linking dynamic voltage scaling in master and slave modules 2007-09-17 Terminated GB2452778
Identification of insecure network nodes 2007-09-07 Ceased GB2452555
MIMO system with interpolation of precoder matrices from a subset of subcarriers 2007-08-31 Ceased GB2452319
Method of Allocating Resources in a Computer. 2007-08-31 Ceased GB2452316
Interference detection and avoidance in a spectral band based on stored interference profile information 2007-08-09 Ceased GB2451682
A wireless communications apparatus for establishing wideband wireless communication 2007-08-09 Ceased GB2451683
Optical data storage using n path-entangled photons 2007-06-28 Granted GB2451803
An optical system e.g. for causing entanglement between photons 2007-05-17 Granted GB2449290
Transmitting data over distinct channels subsequent to broadcasting a control message on a bonded channel superframe 2007-05-14 Granted GB2449252
Channel searching method and apparatus 2007-04-02 Granted GB2449225
Method of storing and using a fallback channel in a wireless communication apparatus 2007-04-02 Granted GB2449224
Incremental signal processing for subcarriers in a channel of a communication system 2007-03-20 Granted GB2447675
Fast relay station handover 2007-03-05 Ceased GB2447885
A photon detector 2007-03-01 Granted GB2447254
A photon detector 2007-02-27 Granted GB2447054
A photon detector 2007-02-27 Granted GB2469961
Voltage frequency profile for a processing resource 2007-02-22 Ceased GB2446830
Interference detection and avoidance signalling and processing 2007-02-21 Ceased GB2446849
Controlling LLL Lattice reduction runtimes in wireless MIMO receivers 2007-02-19 Ceased GB2446659
Smoothing filter for MIMO OFDM channel estimation 2007-02-08 Ceased GB2446439
Wireless communications apparatus 2007-02-06 Ceased GB2446446
Allocating channel bandwidth dependent on predicted variable bit rate 2007-01-26 Ceased GB2447431
Method of deploying software modules to a configurable terminal in which the suitability of the module is assessed before full deployment. 2007-01-11 Terminated GB2445586
Wireless communications apparatus 2006-12-20 Ceased GB2444999
Channel estimation in a MIMO UWB channel 2006-12-20 Granted GB2445000
Inter-Relay Interference Avoidance in a Wireless Communications Network 2006-11-22 Terminated GB2444996
Resource Reservation in Distributed Communication Network 2006-11-15 Terminated GB2445391
A semiconductor device and method of its manufacture 2006-10-23 Granted GB2443220
Wireless MIMO/CDMA receiver generates soft bits for plural candidate vectors derived from an initial candidate determined using lattice reduction 2006-10-10 Granted GB2442784
Wireless MIMO/CDMA receiver generates soft bits for plural candidate vectors derived from an initial candidate determined using lattice reduction 2006-10-10 Ceased GB2442785
MIMO wireless communication apparatus 2006-09-12 Terminated GB2441808
Wireless communication apparatus 2006-09-01 Granted GB2441376
A quantum communication system which selects different protocols on the basis of security 2006-08-31 Granted GB2441364
Dynamic Optimisation of Block Transmissions for Interference Avoidance 2006-08-11 Ceased GB2440776
An apparatus for measuring a signal from a carrier with surface plasmon characteristics 2006-08-07 Granted GB2441780
A photon detector and a method of fabricating a photon detector 2006-07-31 Granted GB2440569
Decoder for wireless communication system 2006-07-21 Ceased GB2440382
A Wireless Communication System 2006-07-20 Ceased GB2440194
Optimising superframe periods to reduce delay to delay-sensitive traffic 2006-07-20 Ceased GB2440195
LLL Lattice reduction inversion in wireless MIMO receivers 2006-07-14 Ceased GB2440196
A quantum memory device 2006-06-28 Granted GB2439595
Reconfigurable mobile terminal supporting multiple network addresses and interfaces 2006-06-01 Ceased GB2438664
Simultaneous support of multiple mobility protocols in a flexible reconfigurable mobile terminal 2006-06-01 Ceased GB2438666
Signal detection in MIMO systems 2006-06-01 Ceased GB2438663
A framework for a terminal network protocol reconfiguration 2006-06-01 Ceased GB2438665
Dynamic Optimisation of Block Transmissions for Interference Avoidance 2006-04-03 Ceased GB2436911
Reconfigurable communications apparatus 2006-03-24 Ceased GB2436420
Heusler alloy sensor 2006-03-15 Ceased GB2437551
A multiple access technique for multi-band OFDM systems 2006-02-07 Ceased GB2434949
Channel allocation using the variable node degree of low density parity check codes 2006-02-01 Ceased GB2434946
PAPR minimisation in OFDM by allocating the same information to two groups of sub-carriers and transposing the information in one of the groups 2006-01-26 Ceased GB2434725
Wireless communications apparatus 2006-01-26 Ceased GB2434717
Using a plurality of predetermined spreading codes to enhance frequency diversity in a block CDMA system 2006-01-19 Ceased GB2434510
Variable bandwidth transmitter and receiver 2006-01-09 Ceased GB2434065
Assigning time-frequency codes in MB-OFDM on the basis of channel information and data rate 2006-01-05 Ceased GB2434064
Multiple access communication systems 2005-12-16 Granted GB2433397
Method and apparatus for labelling speech 2005-12-08 Granted GB2433150
Wireless communications network 2005-12-06 Ceased GB2433175
An EER RF amplifier with PWM signal switching 2005-11-30 Terminated GB2432982
Apparatus and method of MIMO detection 2005-09-30 Ceased GB2431076
Wireless communications apparatus 2005-09-14 Ceased GB2430586
Receiver for quantum cryptography system which selectively inverts an element of the received signal 2005-09-09 Granted GB2430122
A quantum communication system 2005-09-09 Granted GB2430123
Inter-piconet communication 2005-09-09 Ceased GB2430113
Quantum cryptography system in which reference pulses, to be used for calibration, are sent independently of data pulses, within the same stream 2005-09-09 Granted GB2430124
Wireless communications apparatus 2005-09-05 Ceased GB2429884
Broadband carrier frequency selection 2005-09-05 Ceased GB2429875
A medical device 2005-08-10 Granted GB2429056
Wireless communications apparatus 2005-08-01 Ceased GB2428936
Calculating extension of partial parse using dependency relation 2005-07-15 Granted GB2428508
Wireless ad-hoc network formation 2005-07-14 Ceased GB2428353
Network node security analysis method 2005-07-11 Ceased GB2428315
Wireless communications system 2005-07-01 Ceased GB2427981
Regulating channel bandwidth allocation for variable bit rate traffic in networks like wpan 2005-07-01 Ceased GB2427980
Wireless communications system 2005-06-29 Ceased GB2427792
Repeater apparatus 2005-06-24 Ceased GB2427789
Directional distributed relay system 2005-06-24 Ceased GB2428538
Wireless communications system 2005-06-23 Ceased GB2427528
Method and Apparatus for Wireless Communication. 2005-06-15 Terminated GB2427326
An encoded carrier for analysing a chemical species using surface plasmon resonance 2005-06-08 Granted GB2427022
Sphere decoder for MIMO applications with reduced computational complexity decomposition of the channel estimate matrix 2005-06-08 Ceased GB2427106
Wireless communications apparatus 2005-06-02 Ceased GB2426898
Wireless cellular architecture supporting CDMA sectoring 2005-06-02 Ceased GB2426893
Method and apparatus for mobility management 2005-05-25 Ceased GB2426666
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing transmitter 2005-05-19 Ceased GB2426420
Signal processing systems 2005-05-18 Ceased GB2426419
Data transmission system and method 2005-05-10 Ceased GB2426664
Voice activity detector 2005-05-09 Granted GB2426166
Quantile based noise estimation 2005-05-09 Granted GB2426167
Noise estimation method 2005-05-09 Granted GB2437868
Circumferentially positioned bridging stations provide coverage around a base station 2005-04-22 Ceased GB2425440
An analog equaliser characterised by iterative means arranged in operation to generate an estimate of marginal posterior expectations for received bit values 2005-04-12 Granted GB2425236
Generation of a training sequence in the time domain 2005-04-06 Ceased GB2425024
Wireless communications device 2005-04-01 Ceased GB2424800
Efficient channel tracking in packet based OFDM systems 2005-03-30 Ceased GB2424805
Wireless Relay 2005-03-23 Ceased GB2424544
Single photon optoelectronic device 2005-03-10 Granted GB2412011
Assessing the subjective quality of TTS systems which accounts for variations between synthesised and original speech 2005-03-04 Ceased GB2423903
Optimising OFDM training data sequences using a cost function 2005-03-01 Ceased GB2423898
Estimating channel response in a diversity communications system 2005-02-16 Ceased GB2423437
Method and apparatus for medium access control 2005-02-09 Ceased GB2423162
Antenna using orientation detector to control transmission/reception characteristics 2005-02-02 Ceased GB2423191
MIMO communications device comprising an angularly sectorised array of directional antenna elements 2005-01-21 Ceased GB2422516
Signal decoding methods and apparatus 2005-01-10 Granted GB2422074
Frequency offset error correction in MIMO OFDM-based WLAN receivers 2005-01-07 Granted GB2422073
Distributed network discovery 2005-01-06 Ceased GB2422067
Method of operating a photon source 2004-12-03 Granted GB2440850
Quantum dot photon source with reduced output pulse duration 2004-12-03 Granted GB2420908
Iteratively decoding a signal received over a multiple-input-multiple-output channel 2004-12-02 Ceased GB2420951
Measurement based admission control for IEEE 802.11 contention-based 2004-11-03 Ceased GB2420050
Interleaver and de-interleaver systems 2004-11-01 Ceased GB2419789
Interleaver and de-interleaver systems 2004-11-01 Ceased GB2419788
Multiple list link adaption 2004-10-27 Ceased GB2419786
Decoder with plural maximum likelihood detectors which share distance metric information assigned to parallel processors 2004-09-29 Ceased GB2418817
Signal decoding methods and apparatus 2004-09-29 Ceased GB2418816
Common channel interference cancellation in a CDMA system 2004-09-17 Terminated GB2418327
A receiver for use in a MIMO system 2004-09-14 Ceased GB2418111
Signalling scheme for wireless communication 2004-08-10 Granted GB2417163
An encoded carrier 2004-08-06 Granted GB2404918
Turbo equalization in MIMO systems using the BCJR algorithm 2004-07-29 Ceased GB2416967
Signal decoding methods and apparatus 2004-07-28 Ceased GB2406760
Wireless repeater for the continuous streaming of audio and/or video data 2004-07-28 Ceased GB2416646
Signal decoding methods and apparatus 2004-07-28 Ceased GB2409386
Signal decoding methods and apparatus 2004-07-28 Granted GB2406761
Parasitic wireless transceiver module 2004-07-12 Ceased GB2416249
Variable network address lengths 2004-07-02 Ceased GB2415855
Network node security analysis using mobile agents 2004-06-24 Ceased GB2415580
Bit interleaver for a MIMO system 2004-06-18 Ceased GB2415336
Wireless terminal dynamically programmable proxies 2004-06-15 Granted GB2415335
Modifying transmission characteristics according to instructions contained within an acknowledgement frame 2004-06-08 Ceased GB2415111
WLAN load balancing 2004-06-01 Terminated GB2414896
WLAN load balancing and handoff 2004-06-01 Terminated GB2414899
Data transmission method 2004-05-24 Granted GB2414637
Transmitting a signal using Alamouti encoding and receiving the signal using ordered successive interference cancellation (OSIC) 2004-05-12 Terminated GB2416465
Limiting access to personal (e.g. location) information of a service user by a service provider 2004-04-29 Ceased GB2413744
Variable rate OFDM system wherein rate for a data block is reduced from the channel state optimum without increasing the number of symbols required for block 2004-04-23 Ceased GB2413466
Network addressing 2004-04-07 Ceased GB2413037
Distributed storage in a network with a fragmentation policy and a distribution policy 2004-04-01 Ceased GB2412760
A flexible carrier and methods of monitoring molecular binding and reactions 2004-03-31 Granted GB2412730
Routing according to transmission delay in an ad hoc network 2004-03-25 Terminated GB2413723
Detection of Hidden and Exposed Nodes in Wireless Networks. 2004-03-15 Ceased GB2412273
Single photon optoelectronic device 2004-03-11 Terminated GB2412008
A semiconductor device and method of its manufacture 2004-03-11 Granted GB2412009
Signal processing in multi-carrier CDMA 2004-03-10 Ceased GB2412045
Packet format 2004-03-10 Granted GB2412038
Analogue decoding before conversion in UWB IR receivers 2004-03-09 Ceased GB2412044
Wireless network 2004-03-05 Ceased GB2411801
Remote control unit 2004-03-04 Granted GB2411753
A system for locating remote controls using a network of home entertainment of devices 2004-03-03 Ceased GB2411752
Modifying protocol stacks 2004-02-27 Ceased GB2411494
Route discovery with quality of service check in ad hoc network 2004-02-27 Ceased GB2411549
CDMA system with 2D spreading where the spreading codes/factors depend upon the number of active users 2004-02-27 Terminated GB2411555
Channel Estimation in a CDMA Receiver 2004-02-27 Ceased GB2411546
Automatic service discovery 2004-02-27 Ceased GB2411548
MIMO system with H-ARQ and modification of channel response for retransmitted packets 2004-02-27 Granted GB2411556
Communications system, method and device 2004-02-27 Ceased GB2411550
Selecting encryption methods for secure transmission 2004-02-24 Ceased GB2411554
Adaptive MIMO systems 2004-02-23 Ceased GB2411328
Variable length Network address Allocation 2004-02-20 Ceased GB2411317
Training sequence for MIMO-OFDM which is suitable for use with null sub-carriers 2004-02-20 Terminated GB2411327
Remote control lock-out 2004-02-05 Ceased GB2410820
Improved communication network for indoor environment 2004-02-03 Granted GB2398462
Synchronising a receiver to an ultra wideband signal 2004-02-03 Ceased GB2410859
Ultra wide band (UWB) synchronisation search 2004-02-03 Ceased GB2410871
Secure delivery of encryption key by splitting it amongst messages from many sources to hinder interception 2004-01-29 Ceased GB2410656
Power saving in a processor by controlling the voltage or clock in dependence on the distribution of cycle times 2004-01-26 Granted GB2410344
A collaborative network service information discovery method and communication device 2004-01-19 Granted GB2410153
Downloading software from one mobile device to another 2004-01-13 Ceased GB2410150
Decoder for an automatic speech recognition system 2004-01-05 Granted GB2409750
Multiplying data for static MIMO/MISO channels by time varying function to improve reception 2003-12-23 Ceased GB2409617
Determining a transmission path in an ad-hoc network 2003-12-22 Ceased GB2409600
Method and apparatus for recovering timing in packet based wireless network. 2003-12-22 Ceased GB2409604
Method and apparatus for recovering timing in packet based wireless networks 2003-12-22 Ceased GB2409612
Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation Equaliser for Space Time Coded Data in Multiple Antenna Receivers 2003-12-18 Ceased GB2409384
Wireless transmission of a data sequence 2003-12-02 Ceased GB2408898
Performance Analysis 2003-11-21 Ceased GB2408360
Configuration of a wireless network 2003-11-13 Ceased GB2408128
Use of communication terminal as a repeater. 2003-11-13 Terminated GB2408173
Configuring a wireless connection using a physical token containing two sets of configuration information 2003-11-13 Ceased GB2408181
Set-up of wireless network using mains electrical circuit 2003-11-07 Terminated GB2407938
Reconfigurable signal processing module 2003-10-17 Ceased GB2407178
Methods and apparatus for secure data communication links 2003-10-17 Ceased GB2407236
Wireless access systems 2003-10-10 Ceased GB2407003
Cancelling co-channel and inter-symbol interference in multiple antennae systems 2003-10-10 Ceased GB2407008
Handover of a wireless download to a mobile terminal 2003-10-10 Ceased GB2407004
Adaptive Space Time Decoding using soft decisions 2003-10-09 Ceased GB2407007
Signal decoding methods and apparatus 2003-10-02 Ceased GB2406759
Flexible protocol stack 2003-10-01 Ceased GB2406663
Configuring a computer apparatus subject to a constraint placed upon the system 2003-09-30 Terminated GB2406661
Configuring a computer apparatus 2003-09-30 Terminated GB2406662
A quantum communication system and a receiver for a quantum communication system 2003-08-18 Granted GB2405294
Receiver for a quantum cryptograhpy communication system 2003-08-18 Granted GB2419264
A security marker and security marking method 2003-08-11 Granted GB2405013
WLAN with transmission beam direction and power control 2003-08-06 Ceased GB2404820
Optical quantum communication system with signal and reference pulses 2003-07-15 Granted GB2404103
A circuit for a single photon detector 2003-07-15 Granted GB2404012
Controller for processing apparatus 2003-07-08 Ceased GB2403823
A photon source and method of fabricating a photon source 2003-06-24 Granted GB2403344
Lexical stress prediction 2003-05-19 Granted GB2402031
Rake receiver 2003-04-22 Ceased GB2401004
Communications systems & methods 2003-03-10 Ceased GB2406479
Adaptive frequency-hopping 2003-03-10 Ceased GB2399982
Photonic quantum information system using unpolarised light 2003-03-06 Granted GB2399220
Signal processing apparatus and methods 2003-02-27 Ceased GB2412043
Controlling transmission power levels in air interface channel 2003-02-27 Ceased GB2398965
Signal processing apparatus and methods 2003-02-27 Ceased GB2398964
Address autoconfiguration in ad hoc networks 2003-02-21 Ceased GB2398704
Automatic wireless connection selection 2003-02-21 Ceased GB2398705
Wireless link failure recovery in a rake receiver 2003-02-14 Ceased GB2398465
A quantum communication system 2003-01-16 Granted GB2397452
Method and apparatus for increasing the number of strong eigenmodes multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radio channel 2002-12-21 Ceased GB2396485
Signal estimation using evolving postulated signal histories 2002-11-28 Ceased GB2395871
Reduced clock rate and voltage in a receiver 2002-11-20 Ceased GB2395625
SISO equaliser and SISO decoder connected in feedback relationship, and suitable for receiving signals from multiple antennae transmitters 2002-10-15 Ceased GB2394389
Methods and systems for flexible delegation 2002-10-14 Ceased GB2410658
Flexible delegation 2002-10-14 Ceased GB2410659
Methods and systems for flexible delegation 2002-10-14 Ceased GB2394388
Methods and systems for flexible delegation 2002-10-14 Ceased GB2405566
Methods and systems for flexible delegation 2002-10-14 Ceased GB2410660
An identification tag and method of making an identification tag 2002-10-03 Granted GB2393784
Method of making a free standing structure 2002-10-03 Granted GB2393785
Transmission signals methods and apparatus 2002-09-26 Ceased GB2393618
Methods and apparatus for secure data communication links 2002-08-30 Granted GB2392590
Channel estimation and training sequence determination 2002-08-16 Ceased GB2392067
Channel estimation using an error-check on a portion of payload data 2002-08-16 Ceased GB2403112
Estimation of one of a plurality of channels using identification data 2002-08-16 Ceased GB2403113
Equaliser apparatus and methods 2002-08-16 Ceased GB2392066
Signal decoding methods and apparatus 2002-08-15 Ceased GB2392065
An anisotropic magnetoresistance sensor and a method of detecting a magnetic field 2002-05-22 Granted GB2388915
Methods for alternative mode monitoring 2002-04-16 Ceased GB2389003
Methods and apparatus for alternative mode monitoring 2002-04-16 Ceased GB2401005
Antenna signal processing systems 2002-03-14 Ceased GB2386476
Dual mode signal processing 2002-03-13 Ceased GB2386506
Modulo addressing apparatus and methods 2002-03-12 Ceased GB2386485
Multi-mode commuincation device with reconfigurable logic 2002-03-12 Granted GB2386504
Allocation of data into time frames and allocation of particular time frame data to a particular processor 2002-03-12 Ceased GB2386442
Dynamic allocation of pilot carriers in an OFDM transmitter 2002-03-12 Granted GB2386519
Digital correlators 2002-03-12 Ceased GB2386444
Multi-mode mobile handover by establishing a data link via the first network 2002-03-12 Granted GB2406482
Generating and downloading platform specific code 2002-03-12 Ceased GB2386503
Predicting configurations in programmable devices 2002-03-12 Ceased GB2386443
A photon source and method of operating a photon source 2002-03-11 Granted GB2386470


(Based on Sic code: 26309 Manufacture of communication equipment other than telegraph, and telephone apparatus and equipment)

Company Registered Address Company Number YE Date Revenue GBP Net Profit GBP Other SIC codes
LEONARDO MW LTD , , 1 EAGLE PLACE, ST JAMES'S, LONDON, , ENGLAND, SW1Y 6AF 02426132 2017-12-31 1,822,492,000 121,983,000 26511-Manufacture of electronic measuring, testing etc. equipment, not for industrial process control
30300-Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machinery
33160-Repair and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft
TUNSTALL HEALTHCARE (UK) LIMITED , , , WHITLEY BRIDGE, YORKSHIRE, , , DN14 0HR 01332249 2018-09-30 96,720,000 27,994,000
BHI LIMITED , , 22 WOOLVEN CLOSE, BURGESS HILL, WEST SUSSEX, , , RH15 9RR 04421557 2019-03-31 346,604 0
ORBIT COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS EUROPE LTD. REDFERN LEGAL LLP, , 7 HENRIETTA STREET, , LONDON, , , WC2E 8PS 04489239 2018-12-31 145,707 0 33130-Repair of electronic and optical equipment
METERLINK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED , , 17 BROOMPARK ROAD, EDINBURGH, , , , EH12 7JZ SC188515 2018-08-31 141,938 0 62012-Business and domestic software development
TIMIT LTD , , 7 MAIN STREET, , LEICESTER, , , LE3 3AL 04933104 2018-10-31 60,309 0 26511-Manufacture of electronic measuring, testing etc. equipment, not for industrial process control
62090-Other information technology service activities
62020-Information technology consultancy activities


This company is Active. Statistically, Active companies have a low probability of being liquidated within a year.
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Basis Liquidation within 3 months Liquidation within 6 months Liquidation within 12 months Prediction confidence
TOSHIBA EUROPE LIMITED 0.7% 3.6% 7.1% Medium
Other companies Active in the same sector Too few competitors
Age 0.3% 1.3% 2.4% Medium
Company Type 0.7% 3.7% 7.4% Medium
Accounts category 0.7% 2.2% 3.8% Medium
Accounting Month 0.5% 1.8% 3.9% Medium
Sic code count 0.8% 4.4% 8.7% Medium
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