Company Number: 01003142
Incorporation date: 23-Feb-1971
Status: Active
Company type: Public Limited Company

SIC codes:
25300 Manufacture of steam generators, except central heating hot water boilers
25620 Machining
28110 Manufacture of engines and turbines, except aircraft, vehicle and cycle engines


This company is 52.8 years old and is currently active. It is controlled by Rolls-Royce Group Limited. The company has negative equity (net assets) of GBP -1.1 billion which has worsened since the previous year's figure of GBP 879 million. The latest reported revenue figure is GBP 16.6 billion which is up 10% on previous year's figure of GBP 15.7 billion. The company is both loss making and has negative equity, it is therefore likely to go bankrupt unless it can raise funding or business has improved since the last accounts were filed. Retained earnings is negative (GBP -3.1 billion), which means the company has aggregate losses since it's inception or it has paid more dividends than it can afford; given the company's age, this is a sign of serious financial problems. The company has 4 active officers (directors or partners) who are or were officers of 5 other companies. The company has no public disputes filed on the Business Disputes Register. There are 17 court cases involving the company that we are aware of.


Next accounts due: 30-Jun-2024
Accounts Filed: GROUP (31-Dec-2022)

P&L Financials:
Year end Currency Revenue Operating profit Interest Received Interest Paid Tax Net Profit GBP
31-Dec-2019 GBP 16,587,000,000 -852,000,000 -440,000,000 -1,215,000,000
31-Dec-2018 GBP 15,729,000,000 -1,161,000,000 574,000,000 -2,489,000,000
31-Dec-2017 GBP 163,071,000,000 1,287,000,000 -689,000,000
31-Dec-2016 GBP 14,955,000,000 4,000,000 604,000,000 -4,032,000,000

Balance Sheet Financials:
Year end Currency Cash Current Assets Current Liabilities Debt Share Capital Premium Reserve Retained Earnings Net Assets
31-Dec-2019 GBP 4,434,000,000 18,273,000,000 14,955,000,000 338,000,000 631,000,000 -3,056,000,000 -1,114,000,000
31-Dec-2018 GBP 4,974,000,000 18,135,000,000 15,004,000,000 858,000,000 334,000,000 631,000,000 -1,216,000,000 879,000,000
31-Dec-2017 GBP 2,950,000,000 16,388,000,000 908,000,000 3,406,000,000 326,000,000 631,000,000 6,462,000,000 7,980,000,000
31-Dec-2016 GBP 2,771,000,000 15,408,000,000 10,491,000,000 172,000,000 326,000,000 631,000,000 1,794,000,000 3,457,000,000


No disputes filed on


Status Name Appointed on Resigned on Occupation Nationality All apointments
Active Nicola CARROLL 23 Jun 2021 07 Dec 2023 1 - 0
Active Pamela Mary COLES 01 Oct 2014 07 Dec 2023 1 - 0
Resigned Nigel Timothy GOLDSWORTHY 01 Dec 2012 31 Dec 2014 0 - 1
Resigned Paul Anthony DAVIES 29 Nov 2011 01 Dec 2012 0 - 1
Resigned Timothy Michael RAYNER 16 Apr 2007 29 Nov 2011 0 - 48
Resigned Charles Edward BLUNDELL 01 Aug 1995 16 Apr 2007 0 - 6
Resigned Clyde Rodney HARRIS 05 Apr 1993 31 Jul 1995 0 - 8
Resigned Richard West HENCHLEY 05 Apr 1993 0 - 22


Status Name Appointed on Resigned on Occupation Nationality All appointments
Dissolved companies
Active Helen MCCABE 04 Aug 2023 Finance Director British 3 - 00 (0.0%)
Active Mark GREGORY 01 Mar 2023 General Counsel British 3 - 10 (0.0%)
Active Sarah Anne ARMSTRONG 01 Mar 2023 Director British 1 - 00 (0.0%)
Active Tufan ERGINBILGIC 01 Jan 2023 Director British 3 - 00 (0.0%)
Resigned Panos Koulis KAKOULLIS 03 May 2021 04 Aug 2023 Director British 0 - 30 (0.0%)
Resigned Angela Rosemary Emily, Dr STRANK 01 May 2020 03 May 2021 Oil Company Executive British 3 - 30 (0.0%)
Resigned Mark George CULMER 02 Jan 2020 03 May 2021 Retired British 2 - 9129 (31.2%)
Resigned Nicholas Lawrence LUFF 03 May 2018 03 May 2021 Director British 1 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned Beverly Kenyon GOULET 03 Jul 2017 03 May 2021 Non-Executive Director American 1 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned Stephen Wayne DAINTITH 07 Apr 2017 19 Mar 2021 Director British 20 - 171 (2.7%)
Resigned Bradley SINGER 02 Mar 2016 09 Dec 2019 Director American 0 - 20 (0.0%)
Resigned Kevin, Sir SMITH 01 Nov 2015 03 May 2021 Director British 0 - 50 (0.0%)
Resigned Alan John Bruce DAVIES 01 Nov 2015 18 Nov 2016 Director Australian 0 - 41 (25.0%)
Resigned Irene Mitchell DORNER 27 Jul 2015 03 May 2021 Retired Banker British 3 - 40 (0.0%)
Resigned David Miles SMITH 04 Nov 2014 24 Feb 2017 Chief Financial Officer British 0 - 4312 (27.9%)
Resigned Linda Ruth CAIRNIE 01 Sep 2014 31 Dec 2019 Director British 3 - 50 (0.0%)
Resigned David Warren Arthur EAST 01 Jan 2014 31 Dec 2022 Company Director British 2 - 199 (42.9%)
Resigned Hsien Yang LEE 01 Jan 2014 03 May 2021 Company Director Singaporean 0 - 30 (0.0%)
Resigned Ian Edward Lamert DAVIS 01 Mar 2013 03 May 2021 Director British 4 - 60 (0.0%)
Resigned Jasmin STAIBLIN 21 May 2012 03 May 2021 Director German 0 - 20 (0.0%)
Resigned Mark Nicholas MORRIS 01 Jan 2012 04 Nov 2014 Director British 0 - 104 (40.0%)
Resigned Frank Joseph CHAPMAN 10 Nov 2011 03 May 2021 Director British 0 - 233 (13.0%)
Resigned Lewis William Killcross BOOTH 25 May 2011 03 May 2021 Company Director British 0 - 20 (0.0%)
Resigned John Mitchell NEILL 13 Nov 2008 08 May 2015 Company Director British 3 - 30 (0.0%)
Resigned John David Gibson, Dr MCADAM 19 Feb 2008 04 May 2017 Company Director British 0 - 70 (0.0%)
Resigned Michael James TERRETT 01 Sep 2007 31 Dec 2012 Chief Operating Officer British 0 - 61 (16.7%)
Resigned Helen ALEXANDER 01 Sep 2007 05 May 2016 Chief Executive Economist Grou British 0 - 282 (7.1%)
Resigned John Frederick RISHTON 01 Mar 2007 02 Jul 2015 Company Director British 0 - 30 (0.0%)
Resigned Peter, Professor GREGSON 01 Mar 2007 04 May 2012 President & Vice Chancellor British 0 - 40 (0.0%)
Resigned Colin Peter SMITH 01 Jul 2005 04 May 2017 Director Of Engineering & Tech British 1 - 82 (22.2%)
Resigned Iain Cameron CONN 20 Jan 2005 01 May 2014 Company Director British 0 - 81 (12.5%)
Resigned Simon Manwaring, Sir ROBERTSON 05 Nov 2004 02 May 2013 Inv Banking British 0 - 226 (27.3%)
Resigned John Michael, Sir TAYLOR 05 Nov 2004 01 May 2007 Director British 0 - 81 (12.5%)
Resigned Carl Peter FORSTER 19 Sep 2003 14 Sep 2006 C E O Adam Opel Ag German 0 - 20 (0.0%)
Resigned Amy Laura, Honourable BONDURANT 19 Sep 2003 14 Sep 2006 Investments Lawyer American 0 - 20 (0.0%)
Resigned Ian Charles STRACHAN 19 Sep 2003 02 May 2013 Company Director Non Exec British,American 0 - 363 (8.3%)
Resigned Robin Buchanan, Sir NICHOLSON 26 Mar 2003 04 May 2005 Non Executive Director British 0 - 253 (12.0%)
Resigned Andrew Barkley SHILSTON 01 Jan 2003 31 Dec 2011 Finance Director British 0 - 112 (18.2%)
Resigned Dugald Euan BAIRD 01 Nov 2002 21 Jun 2004 Chairman British 0 - 41 (25.0%)
Resigned Michael Gilbert James William, Doctor HOWSE 18 Oct 2001 30 Jun 2005 Director British 0 - 71 (14.3%)
Resigned John Patrick CHEFFINS 01 Jan 2001 30 Sep 2007 Director British Canadian 0 - 112 (18.2%)
Resigned Ralph Harry ROBINS 29 Feb 2000 31 Jan 2003 Chairman Rolls Royce British 0 - 151 (6.7%)
Resigned Carl George SYMON 01 Jun 1999 07 May 2008 Non Executive Director American/British 0 - 143 (21.4%)
Resigned Philip John WESTON 01 Oct 1998 01 Dec 2004 Non Executive Director British 0 - 80 (0.0%)
Resigned James Mathew GUYETTE 01 Jan 1998 08 May 2015 Director American 0 - 61 (16.7%)
Resigned Paul HEIDEN 01 Jul 1997 31 Dec 2002 Director Finance Rools Royce British 0 - 277 (25.9%)
Resigned Peter John BYROM 01 Jan 1997 02 May 2013 Non Executive Director British 2 - 141 (6.3%)
Resigned Philip Charles RUFFLES 01 Jan 1997 18 Oct 2001 Director Engineering And Techn British 0 - 50 (0.0%)
Resigned Colin Henry GREEN 30 Apr 1996 04 Apr 2006 Director British 0 - 191 (5.3%)
Resigned ORD MOORE OF LOWER MARSH 04 Jul 1994 31 Dec 2004 0 - 142 (14.3%)
Resigned Terence, Dr HARRISON 10 Jan 1994 30 Apr 1996 Chief Executive British 0 - 204 (20.0%)
Resigned Richard Henry MAUDSLAY 01 Jan 1994 01 Jul 1997 Md Industrial Power Group British 0 - 3114 (45.2%)
Resigned Luther Johnson CLARK 01 Feb 1993 29 Feb 1996 Chief Executive Bet Plc Usa 0 - 40 (0.0%)
Resigned John William Charles SANDFORD 01 Jan 1993 31 Dec 1997 President/Ceo Rolls-Royce Inc British 0 - 51 (20.0%)
Resigned Gordon, Sir HIGGINSON 28 May 1992 27 May 1999 Retired British 0 - 132 (15.4%)
Resigned Richard TURNER 01 Jan 1992 30 May 2002 Director Group Marketing Rolls British 0 - 102 (20.0%)
Resigned John Edward Victor, Sir ROSE 01 Jan 1992 31 Mar 2011 Chief Executive British 0 - 194 (21.1%)
Resigned Michael TOWNSEND 07 Nov 1991 31 Dec 1999 Director Finance British 0 - 152 (13.3%)
Resigned Stewart Crichton MILLER 31 Dec 1996 Director Engineering & Technol British 0 - 52 (40.0%)
Resigned Philip SHELBOURNE 27 May 1992 Chairman Henry Ansbacher Holdings Plc British 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned Harold George MOURGUE 31 Mar 1998 Chartered Accountant British 0 - 114 (36.4%)
Resigned Peter Froude MACFARLANE 30 Sep 1991 Finance Director Rolls-Royce Plc British 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned Douglas Charles, Sir LOWE 27 May 1992 British 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned James Ogilvie KEIR 31 Dec 1991 Director Supply Rolls-Royce Plc British 0 - 10 (0.0%)
Resigned Robert, Dr HAWLEY 31 Dec 1991 M D Operations Northern Engineering Industrie British 0 - 3411 (32.4%)
Resigned Francis Leonard, Lord TOMBS 30 Sep 1992 Chairman Rolls Royce Plc British 0 - 72 (28.6%)
Resigned Terence, Dr HARRISON 30 Apr 1996 Chief Executive British 0 - 204 (20.0%)
Resigned Ralph Harry ROBINS 31 Jan 2003 Chairman Rolls Royce British 0 - 151 (6.7%)
Resigned Gordon, Sir HIGGINSON 27 May 1999 Retired British 0 - 132 (15.4%)
Resigned Frank TURNER 31 Dec 1991 Director Civil Engines Aerospace Group Rolls- British 3 - 239 (34.6%)
Resigned Robin Buchanan, Sir NICHOLSON 04 May 2005 Non Executive Director British 0 - 253 (12.0%)
Number of active directors: 4
Average tenure of active directors: 0.7 years
Average tenure of resigned directors: 5.2 years
Average active director Dissolution Rate: 0.0%


ROLLS-ROYCE PLC (01003142) - Active
DERBY QUAD LIMITED (05465412) - Active
ROLLS-ROYCE HOLDINGS PLC (07524813) - Active


Shareholder name Share class Shares at confirmation date


Company name Share class Shares at confimation date


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Start date End date Average days to pay % invoices paid over 60 days % invoices not paid within agreed terms report
2023-01-01 2023-06-30 73 80% 7% 72620
2022-07-01 2022-12-31 68 71% 5% 68881
2022-01-01 2022-06-30 70 74% 6% 61142
2021-07-01 2021-12-31 73 71% 7% 54014
2021-01-01 2021-06-30 76 79% 8% 48688
2020-07-01 2020-12-31 78 80% 10% 40763
2020-01-01 2020-06-30 71 76% 8% 32851
2019-07-01 2019-12-31 70 74% 7% 28341
2019-01-01 2019-06-30 71 73% 9% 19720
2018-07-01 2018-12-31 70 67% 10% 10596
2018-01-01 2018-06-30 69 65% 12% 2522


Date Title Reference Subject
2018-12-17 Mr D Hughes v Rolls Royce plc [2018] UKET 2601847/2018 Age Discrimination
2018-10-18 Mr W Thomson v Rolls-Royce plc [2018] UKET 4110126/2014 Working Time Regulations
2018-06-14 Mr N Sprengel v Rolls Royce plc [2018] UKET 2601362/2017 Unfair Dismissal
2018-02-13 Mr N Evanno v Rolls Royce plc [2018] UKET 2600115/2017 Race Discrimination
2017-08-03 Mr D Taylor v Rolls Royce plc and Others [2017] UKET 2600223/2017 Age Discrimination : Race Discrimination
2017-06-13 Mr G Williams v Rolls Royce plc: [2017] UKET 2601952/2016 Disability Discrimination : Unfair Dismissal
2016-06-20 Mr T McEwan v Rolls-Royce plc: [2016] UKET 4110057/2014 Unlawful Deduction from Wages : Working Time Regulations
2014-12-04 Phelan v Rolls -Royce Plc & Ors [2014] UKEAT 0106_14_0412 Unfair Dismissal : Reasonableness of dismissal
2010-07-21 Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc & Ors v Rolls-Royce Plc (Rev 1) [2010] EWHC 1869 (Comm)
2010-07-21 Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc & Ors v Rolls-Royce Plc (Rev 1) [2010] EWHC 1869 (Comm)
2009-05-14 Rolls-Royce Plc v Unite the Union [2009] EWCA Civ 387
2004-09-24 v ne v. Rolls Royce Plc [2004] UKEAT 0028_04_2409
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1996-10-08 Plettell v Rolls Royce Plc [1996] UKEAT 760_95_0810
1996-05-02 Plettell v Rolls-Royce Plc [1996] UKEAT 760_95_0205


Title Date filed Status Publication number
A method of manufacturing a component 2017-12-13 Pending GB2558783
Controlling tip clearance in a turbine 2017-12-11 Pending GB2559267
A gas turbine engine 2017-11-20 Pending GB2558758
Welding process 2017-08-30 Pending GB2553433
A dual walled component for a gas turbine engine 2017-08-18 Awaiting Re-examination GB2556142
A combustion chamber assembly and a combustion chamber segment 2017-07-25 Awaiting Re-examination GB2553663
A gas turbine engine 2017-06-16 In Order For Grant GB2553628
A composite component 2017-04-25 Awaiting Re-examination GB2551629
Compressor geometry control 2017-04-11 Granted GB2551422
Gas turbine engine component with protective coating 2017-04-07 Awaiting Re-examination GB2551610
An intercomponent seal for a gas turbine engine 2017-02-24 Awaiting Re-examination GB2548235
An intercomponent seal for a gas turbine engine 2017-02-24 Awaiting Re-examination GB2548236
An intercomponent seal for a gas turbine engine 2017-02-24 Awaiting Applicant's Response GB2548237
A bearing raceway and a method of manufacturing a bearing 2017-02-14 Awaiting Applicant's Response GB2549178
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Multi-function component for a fan or compressor section of a gas turbine engine 2017-01-27 Pending GB2559153
Bladed disc and method of manufacturing the same 2017-01-25 Pending GB2559325
A combustion chamber arrangement 2017-01-05 Pending GB2558566
Method of heat treatment 2016-12-22 Pending GB2558216
Aircraft electrically-assisted propulsion control system 2016-12-22 Pending GB2558228
A composite component 2016-12-20 Pending GB2557956
An insulated container for and method of cooling a heated tooling component 2016-12-15 Pending GB2557683
Methods apparatus computer programs and non transistory computer readable storage mediums for manufacturing an article 2016-12-14 Pending GB2557634
Gas turbine engine fuel supply system having de-priming and re-priming ecology valve 2016-12-09 Pending GB2557602
Gas turbine fuel supply system with plural isolation valves 2016-12-09 Pending GB2557601
Fuel supply system 2016-12-09 Pending GB2557603
Fuel supply system 2016-12-09 Pending GB2557599
Hyper redundant robots 2016-12-02 Pending GB2557269
Methods, apparatus, computer programs and non-transitory computer readable storage mediums for controlling a hyper redundant manipulator 2016-11-29 Pending GB2557179
Compressor stage 2016-11-16 Pending GB2556054
Electrical fault detection 2016-11-10 Pending GB2555808
Apparatus and methods of coating substrates of pressurised water reactors 2016-11-09 Awaiting Re-examination GB2545327
Self-sealing impingement cooling tube for a turbine vane 2016-11-07 Pending GB2555632
A magnetic material and a method of sythesising the same 2016-11-04 Pending GB2555608
Vibro-polishing arrangement 2016-10-26 Granted GB2545956
A bearing arrangement and a bearing cage 2016-10-18 Granted GB2545064
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Gas turbine engine 2016-10-13 Granted GB2545538
Aircraft pneumatic system 2016-10-07 Granted GB2544187
Computer implemented methods for determining a dimension of a gap between an aerofoil and a surface of an engine casing 2016-10-04 Pending GB2554687
Gas turbine engine 2016-09-30 Pending GB2554650
An aircraft with fuselage aft end tapering portions and boundary layer ingesting propulsors 2016-09-29 Granted GB2543942
A method of calibrating a direct laser deposition process 2016-09-27 Pending GB2554429
Turbine tip clearance control method and system 2016-09-15 Pending GB2553806
Air riding seal arrangement 2016-09-09 Pending GB2553565
A fuel flow system 2016-09-05 Pending GB2553350
Gas turbine engine 2016-09-02 Pending GB2553330
Gas turbine engine 2016-09-02 Pending GB2553331
A casing for a gas turbine engine and a method of manufacturing such a casing 2016-09-02 Awaiting Re-examination GB2542932
Method 2016-09-01 Pending GB2553515
A friction welding process 2016-08-26 Pending GB2553146
Apparatus for insertion into a cavity of an object 2016-08-26 Pending GB2553144
Apparatus, methods, computer programs and non-transitory computer readable storage mediums for machining objects 2016-08-12 Awaiting Applicant's Response GB2542492
Computer implemented methods, apparatus, computer programs and non-transitory computer readable storage mediums for automatically designing a secondary air 2016-08-12 Pending GB2552829
Method of manufacturing a gas turbine engine 2016-08-11 Awaiting Re-examination GB2542263
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Methods, apparatus, computer programs, and non-transitory computer readable storage mediums for controlling at least one of a first robot and a second robot 2016-07-08 Awaiting Re-examination GB2552019
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Gas Turbine Engine 2016-06-22 Granted GB2551551
Gas turbine engine 2016-06-22 In Order For Grant GB2551552
Gas turbine engine 2016-06-22 Pending GB2551553
Method of producing a gas turbine engine component with an abrasive coating 2016-06-21 Pending GB2551527
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A de-oiler and a method of using the same 2016-06-01 Awaiting Re-examination GB2540036
Methods, apparatus, computer programs and non-transitory computer readable storage mediums for manufacturing gas shields for welding one or more articles 2016-05-26 Pending GB2550860
Damper 2016-05-26 Awaiting Re-examination GB2540463
Method of manufacture 2016-05-25 Awaiting Re-examination GB2550856
Method of manufacture 2016-05-25 Awaiting Re-examination GB2550855
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An automated welding apparatus and computer-implemented method for filling a volume 2016-05-18 Pending GB2539321
Roller Element 2016-05-18 Awaiting Re-examination GB2550380
An actuation arrangement for effecting actuation of a pivotable vane in a gas turbine engine 2016-05-16 Granted GB2539095
Thrust reverser assembly 2016-05-16 Pending GB2550353
Improved alignment of flanged components 2016-05-13 Pending GB2541263
Gas turbine engine 2016-05-13 Awaiting Re-examination GB2550201
Additive layer repair of a metallic component 2016-05-13 Granted GB2538629
Containment casing 2016-05-12 Pending GB2539093
Gas turbine engine with increased efficiency and decreased noise 2016-05-11 Awaiting Re-examination GB2539781
A wall cooling arrangement for a gas turbine engine 2016-05-11 Granted GB2539782
Manufacture of component with cavity 2016-05-11 Awaiting Re-examination GB2539092
A method of welding two components by determining an optimised weld torch velocity and voltage 2016-05-04 Awaiting Applicant's Response GB2539771
Welding method 2016-05-04 Awaiting Applicant's Response GB2539089
Methods and apparatus for predicting fault occurrence in mechanical systems and electrical systems 2016-04-28 Awaiting Re-examination GB2538391
A bladed rotor for a gas turbine engine 2016-04-26 Awaiting Applicant's Response GB2538389
Engine lubrication system using de-Oxygenated fuel 2016-04-26 Awaiting Applicant's Response GB2538623
Aircraft electrical network for electrically powered propulsors 2016-04-21 Granted GB2539547
Gas turbine engine 2016-04-20 Awaiting Re-examination GB2549508
A drain for a pressure sensing line 2016-04-19 Awaiting Re-examination GB2538383
Method of forming a heat exchanger 2016-04-19 Pending GB2549499
Aircraft propulsion system 2016-04-19 Granted GB2539756
Apparatus for machining components of gas turbine engines 2016-04-13 Terminated GB2549308
VSV actuation arrangement 2016-04-06 Granted GB2538159
Composite bodies and their manufacture 2016-04-05 Awaiting Applicant's Response GB2549113
A retaining element, assembly and method 2016-04-05 Awaiting Re-examination GB2549107
Rotor damper 2016-03-23 Awaiting Applicant's Response GB2537490
Convergent-divergent nozzle 2016-03-23 Granted GB2537742
Aircraft propulsion system 2016-03-23 Granted GB2537743
A combustion chamber assembly 2016-03-22 Awaiting Re-examination GB2548585
Fuel injector system 2016-03-17 Awaiting Re-examination GB2538146
A seal arrangement 2016-03-10 Awaiting Re-examination GB2536812
Transmission system 2016-03-10 Awaiting Re-examination GB2548140
Aircraft superconducting electrical propulsion system 2016-03-09 Pending GB2548123
A composite component 2016-03-08 Awaiting Re-examination GB2548113
Double skinned pipe assembly 2016-03-07 Pending GB2548332
Flexible tools and apparatus for machining objects 2016-03-04 Awaiting Re-examination GB2537731
Gas turbine engine fluid heat management system 2016-03-04 Pending GB2536803
Supercritical fluid heat engine 2016-03-03 Granted GB2547927
A bladed rotor arrangement 2016-03-02 Awaiting Re-examination GB2547906
Abrading tool for a rotary dresser 2016-02-25 Granted GB2537721
Gas turbine engine 2016-02-25 Awaiting Re-examination GB2547674
Electrical coupling unit 2016-02-24 Granted GB2537963
A jointed tool for machining an object 2016-02-23 Granted GB2536358
Fluid 2016-02-19 Pending GB2536795
Gas bleed arrangement 2016-02-19 Awaiting Re-examination GB2536357
Seal arrangement 2016-02-17 Pending GB2540233
Stator vane 2016-02-15 Pending GB2547273
Retention device 2016-02-09 Granted GB2537711
Balancing of axial thrust forces within a gas turbine engine 2016-02-04 Awaiting Re-examination GB2547008
A system and method for applying a tensile load to a component, having a mechanical fuse 2016-02-04 Granted GB2536350
Bearing arrangements 2016-02-03 Granted GB2546989
Low cobalt hard facing alloy 2016-02-01 Granted GB2546808
Low cobalt hard facing alloy 2016-02-01 Granted GB2546809
A bladed disc 2016-01-27 Granted GB2535866
An access port for a casing of a gas turbine engine and a plug for plugging the access port 2016-01-21 Granted GB2535635
Balancing apparatus, arrangement and method 2016-01-13 Granted GB2535011
Rotor stage 2016-01-13 Pending GB2546481
Methods and apparatus for enabling determination of a position of an object 2016-01-11 Awaiting Re-examination GB2546107
Pressure sensing apparatus 2016-01-07 Pending GB2535623
Open switch fault detection and identification in a two-level voltage source power converter 2016-01-07 Granted GB2535010
Rolling-element bearing and method of countering load applied to rolling-element bearing 2016-01-06 Granted GB2535622
Apparatus to enable rotation of a compressor 2016-01-05 Granted GB2536764
Fan disk and gas turbine engine 2015-12-24 Pending GB2545909
Gas turbine engine vane splitter 2015-12-23 Granted GB2545711
An assembly and a method of using the assembly 2015-12-18 Pending GB2545481
A combustion chamber 2015-12-17 Awaiting Re-examination GB2545459
Method and equipment for repairing a component 2015-12-16 Pending GB2534285
An output member 2015-12-14 Granted GB2534679
Method of manufacturing a magnetically graded material 2015-12-10 Granted GB2545243
A method of controlling an inverter 2015-12-10 Granted GB2545236
A joint assembly and a method of using the same 2015-12-08 Granted GB2533698
Method and apparatus for machining objects 2015-12-03 Awaiting Re-examination GB2545004
A heat sink of source apparatus and method 2015-12-01 Pending GB2544979
Metal coated fibre forming apparatus and method of forming a metal coated fibre 2015-12-01 Pending GB2534021
Particle separation within a gas turbine intake duct 2015-11-24 Granted GB2534978
Gas Turbine Engine 2015-11-23 Awaiting Re-examination GB2544553
Vanes of a gas turbine engine 2015-11-23 Granted GB2544735
Gas turbine engine 2015-11-23 Granted GB2544554
Gas turbine engine 2015-11-20 Awaiting Re-examination GB2544526
Icing prevention of a gas turbine engine pressure sensing assembly 2015-11-19 Granted GB2536751
Surface inspection of an object using multiple images 2015-11-13 Granted GB2546957
Inspection apparatus and methods of inspecting gas turbine engines 2015-11-03 Awaiting Re-examination GB2544058
Cooling system for electrical equipment 2015-11-03 Awaiting Re-examination GB2544052
Compressor cooling 2015-10-29 Granted GB2534006
A combustion chamber assembly 2015-10-29 Awaiting Re-examination GB2543803
Valve 2015-10-27 Pending GB2543767
Mechanical device for amplifying relative displacement 2015-10-26 Pending GB2543762
Test methods and apparatus 2015-10-21 Pending GB2543535
Blade positioning 2015-10-20 Pending GB2543526
A method of starting a gas turbine engine 2015-10-20 Awaiting Re-examination GB2532867
Aerofoil tip profiles 2015-10-15 Pending GB2543327
Apparatus for building a component 2015-10-14 Pending GB2543305
Machining tool 2015-10-08 Granted GB2532128
A shroud assembly 2015-10-08 Granted GB2533030
A method and apparatus for inspecting a component having a cellular structure 2015-09-29 Granted GB2543259
Igniter assembly for a combustor of a gas turbine engine 2015-09-29 Granted GB2531918
Apparatus, methods, computer programs, and non-transitory computer readable storage mediums for controlling movement of robotic machinery 2015-09-22 Pending GB2542566
Improvements to a joint assembly 2015-09-16 Granted GB2531154
Aircraft comprising a boundary layer ingesting propulsor 2015-09-11 Pending GB2542184
Abrasive processing method 2015-09-11 Granted GB2531153
Gear trains 2015-09-10 Awaiting Re-examination GB2542338
A method of assembling a rotor stack 2015-08-27 Pending GB2541701
Apparatus and methods for determining location of at least a part of an object 2015-08-26 Awaiting Re-examination GB2541689
Gas Turbine Engine with Removable Bonding Patch 2015-08-18 Granted GB2530401
Auxiliary power unit assembly and a method of using the same 2015-08-07 Pending GB2541185
Gas Turbine Engine and Method of operation 2015-07-31 Granted GB2530628
Method of operation of a gas turbine engine 2015-07-31 Awaiting Re-examination GB2530629
Propulsor 2015-07-29 Pending GB2541173
Combustor for a gas turbine engine 2015-07-27 Awaiting Re-examination GB2540769
Fluid conduit liner 2015-07-17 Pending GB2540422
Method of removing weld flash 2015-07-17 In Order For Grant GB2530156
A nickel-base superalloy 2015-07-03 Granted GB2539957
Aircraft vapour trail control system 2015-06-22 Awaiting Re-examination GB2539874
Fan casing assembly 2015-06-09 Awaiting Re-examination GB2539217
A monitoring system 2015-06-08 Pending GB2539195
Rotor blade manufacture 2015-05-29 Granted GB2528759
Component processing 2015-05-28 Granted GB2528368
Casting die 2015-05-22 Pending GB2538557
A fuel manifold and fuel injector arrangement 2015-05-21 Granted GB2528556
A hinge arrangement 2015-05-14 Pending GB2528362
Shell mould production 2015-05-13 Pending GB2538268
Fan disc 2015-05-11 Granted GB2528358
Apparatus and methods for controlling velocity of aircraft during landing roll-out and/or taxiing 2015-05-06 Granted GB2538081
A shaft assembly comprising a frangible coupling and a flexible coupling 2015-04-20 Pending GB2537613
Fibre pre-form manufacturing method 2015-04-10 Granted GB2525985
Aircraft vapour trail control system 2015-03-31 Pending GB2526669
Turbomachinery blade 2015-03-27 Pending GB2536707
A method of modelling at least a part of a gas turbine engine 2015-03-24 Awaiting Re-examination GB2536647
Methods of modelling at least a part of a gas turbine engine 2015-03-24 Awaiting Re-examination GB2536648
A method of modelling at least a part of a gas turbine engine 2015-03-24 Awaiting Re-examination GB2536649
HPT Integrated interstage seal and cooling air passageways 2015-03-19 Pending GB2536628
Angled butterfly valve 2015-02-26 Pending GB2535751
Pipe, apparatus and method 2015-02-24 Awaiting Re-examination GB2535709
Fault detection and diagnosis 2015-01-23 Granted GB2534406
Method and system of controlling aircraft engine emissions 2015-01-22 Pending GB2534559
Arrangement of foil windings and method of arranging foil windings 2015-01-21 Pending GB2534842
Assembly having a seal and a rotatable component 2015-01-16 Pending GB2534361
Pressure sensor system 2015-01-15 Pending GB2534166
Assembly for forming a composite material part 2015-01-15 Pending GB2534171
Method and apparatus for machining a blade 2015-01-12 Pending GB2533971
Gas turbine engine intake duct 2014-12-22 Pending GB2533586
Testing rig and method 2014-12-19 Pending GB2533401
A gas turbine engine with a compliant filament seal arrangement 2014-12-17 Pending GB2536861
Cooling of engine components 2014-12-16 Granted GB2533315
A method of repairing a component of a gas turbine engine 2014-12-16 Pending GB2533322
A liquid cooling apparatus and method for a gas tubine engine 2014-12-11 Pending GB2533132
Joint 2014-12-10 Granted GB2533282
Fluidfoil 2014-11-24 Granted GB2532507
Substrate cooling device 2014-11-05 Pending GB2532024
A bearing chamber sealing assembly 2014-11-04 Pending GB2532197
A related gas turbine arrangement and a related method 2014-10-30 Granted GB2531775
Fluid conduit 2014-10-20 Pending GB2531521
Heat exchanger 2014-10-03 Pending GB2530794
A heat shield 2014-10-01 Pending GB2530763
Mounting arrangement 2014-09-30 Pending GB2530735
Gas Turbine Engine Mounting Arrangement 2014-09-30 Pending GB2530733
Fan blade and method of manufacture 2014-09-26 Pending GB2530553
A shroud segment retainer 2014-09-26 Granted GB2533544
A seal segment for a gas turbine engine 2014-09-25 Pending GB2530531
Composite Component Manufacture 2014-09-11 Pending GB2530059
A self-rectifying turbine 2014-09-10 Pending GB2530048
Rotary blade tip 2014-09-04 Granted GB2529854
Gas turbine engine rotor arrangement 2014-08-29 Awaiting Re-examination GB2529681
A wear monitor for an abradable liner for a fan of a gas turbine engine 2014-08-28 Granted GB2529811
Cavity filled aerofoil 2014-08-27 Pending GB2529641
Aero engine fuel system 2014-08-26 Granted GB2529636
An assembly 2014-06-16 Granted GB2527297
Compressor drum 2014-05-30 Pending GB2526609
A casing arrangement 2014-05-21 Pending GB2526321
A borescope and a method of processing a component within an assembled apparatus using a borescope 2014-04-24 Granted GB2525410
A panel attachment system and a method of using the same 2014-04-15 Pending GB2525197
A panel connection system and a method of using the same 2014-04-14 Granted GB2525179
Measurement of reinforcement volume fraction 2014-04-04 Pending GB2524829
Aircraft vapour trail control system 2014-04-02 Granted GB2524775
Aircraft vapour trail control system 2014-04-02 Granted GB2524776
Engine vapour trail mitigation system 2014-04-02 Pending GB2524773
Aircraft vapour trail control system 2014-04-02 Granted GB2524772
Aircraft vapour trail control system 2014-04-02 Pending GB2524774
A shaft clamp assembly and a method of using the same 2014-03-26 Granted GB2517533
Testing rig 2014-03-21 Granted GB2524479
Gas turbine engine 2014-03-21 Granted GB2524320
An annular combustion chamber upstream wall and heat shield arrangement 2014-03-18 Pending GB2524265
Gas turbine engine 2014-02-14 Granted GB2524229
A leaf seal 2014-02-14 Pending GB2523139
Gas turbine engine component 2014-02-14 Pending GB2523140
Method and system for detecting a flow blockage in a pipe 2014-02-05 Granted GB2522847
Gas turbine transport 2014-01-17 Terminated GB2520368
A Forging Apparatus 2014-01-09 Granted GB2522024
Fuel spray nozzle 2013-12-10 Granted GB2521127
Actuator 2013-12-06 Awaiting First Examination GB2522159
Gas turbine engine 2013-11-27 Pending GB2523069
Gas turbine engine fan stand with hinged rotating frame 2013-11-19 Pending GB2509229
Gas turbine engine stand with slide rail and lock mechanism 2013-11-19 Pending GB2509230
Method of engine split and reassembly 2013-11-19 Granted GB2510229
Edge Detector 2013-11-12 Granted GB2520247
Method and apparatus for forming thin discs 2013-11-12 Granted GB2510457
Method and Apparatus for Supporting Blades 2013-10-23 Granted GB2519532
Method and apparatus for supporting blades 2013-10-23 Granted GB2519531
A thermal controller for semiconductor power switching devices 2013-10-03 Terminated GB2510658
A method and apparatus for separating a canister and component 2013-09-05 Granted GB2517939
Axial flow machine cooling system 2013-08-19 Granted GB2510004
A panel attachment system 2013-08-16 Granted GB2517203
A method of reducing wrinkles in pressed sheet metal components 2013-08-16 Granted GB2510445
A boroscope 2013-08-15 Granted GB2506744
A boroscope and a method of laser processing a component using the borescope 2013-08-15 Granted GB2506516
Aerofoil Blade 2013-08-09 Granted GB2516973
Forming a perforated composite panel, using a layer as a template for another 2013-08-07 Granted GB2506508
Acoustic liner 2013-08-01 Terminated GB2519501
A joint 2013-07-30 Granted GB2506261
Aerofoil component handling tool 2013-07-30 Granted GB2516676
A panel attachment system 2013-07-24 Granted GB2516473
A fuel spray nozzle 2013-07-22 Terminated GB2516445
A duct and method for damping pressure waves caused by thermoacoustic instability 2013-07-18 Granted GB2516286
Health monitoring 2013-07-11 Terminated GB2516080
Rotor assembly with sprung chocking device 2013-07-09 Granted GB2507144
Tip clearance control method 2013-07-09 Terminated GB2516048
An Additive Layer Manufacturing Method 2013-06-17 Terminated GB2515287
Rivetable attachment 2013-06-14 Terminated GB2515097
A lock plate 2013-05-31 Granted GB2511584
A Leaf Seal 2013-05-29 Terminated GB2503800
Method / system of monitoring the performance of a fluid heat exchanger 2013-05-15 Granted GB2510654
Static balancing of retaining plates using dedicated weighing disc 2013-05-14 Granted GB2506712
Vehicle composite structure 2013-05-03 Terminated GB2513652
An Aircraft Powerplant 2013-04-24 Granted GB2506464
Method of generating a tool path for manufacture or repair of an aerofoil 2013-04-19 Granted GB2513177
Torque application tool 2013-04-16 Granted GB2513131
Dual Channel Accelerometer and Method of Manufacturing the Same 2013-04-15 Granted GB2505737
Shaping of aerofoil edges 2013-04-11 Granted GB2512907
A combustion chamber 2013-04-05 Terminated GB2512642
Method of forming a composite article including partially severing tows 2013-03-28 Granted GB2506218
Machine tool 2013-03-18 Granted GB2512059
Erosion Resistant Coating 2013-03-12 Terminated GB2511768
A combustion chamber heat shield and seal assembly and a method of manufacturing a combustion chamber heat shield and seal assembly 2013-03-08 Granted GB2511563
Process and Apparatus for Cleaning a Surface 2013-02-15 Granted GB2511036
Material removal method 2013-02-12 Granted GB2510816
Method of forming a bonded assembly 2013-02-06 Granted GB2510562
Contact device for contoured surfaces 2013-01-25 Granted GB2510142
An aircraft electrical generator supplemented by an energy store until the generator is ramped up to meet the load requirement. 2013-01-24 Terminated GB2510121
Integral slot wedges and stator sleeve 2013-01-11 Terminated GB2509738
Aligning replacement aerofoil vane with platform 2012-12-14 Terminated GB2508886
A pressure sensitive actuator for use in nuclear reactor systems 2012-12-11 Terminated GB2508815
Joint using branched fastening projection 2012-12-10 Granted GB2508656
Calculating machining angle using amount of material removed in machining pass 2012-12-04 Ceased GB2508597
Inspection arrangement 2012-11-15 Granted GB2507980
Apparatus and method for measuring gas flow through a gas turbine rotary seal 2012-11-12 Terminated GB2507791
Flexible printed circuit (FPC) electrical harness and connector 2012-10-24 Terminated GB2496281
Electrical harness 2012-10-24 Granted GB2497166
Flexible printed circuit (FPC) harness connector 2012-10-24 Terminated GB2496282
Composite Product Manufacturing System and Method 2012-10-18 Granted GB2507080
A gas turbine engine system transition duct 2012-10-10 Terminated GB2506876
Re-dressing the leading edge of a gas turbine aerofoil using a fluid jet 2012-09-26 Granted GB2506357
Distributed power semiconductor device 2012-09-21 Terminated GB2506141
Method of determining a tool path for machining a component 2012-09-03 Terminated GB2505497
Fixture and method for securing an aerofoil 2012-09-03 Terminated GB2505496
Pivoted fan outlet guide vane 2012-08-15 Terminated GB2504969
Method and apparatus for testing a sample surface 2012-08-02 Terminated GB2504527
Electrical harness assembly for a gas turbine engine 2012-07-10 Granted GB2498014
Spool for turbo machinery 2012-06-29 Granted GB2503495
Method of making an object using a deposition control plate 2012-06-18 Terminated GB2503215
A honeycomb seal a method of manufacturing a honeycomb seal 2012-05-23 Terminated GB2502309
Containment case for a gas turbine engine 2012-05-11 Granted GB2501918
Gas turbine engine systems 2012-03-07 Granted GB2498006
A cooling arrangement for an electrical machine 2012-02-10 Terminated GB2499236
A cooling arrangement for an electrical machine 2012-02-10 Terminated GB2499235
Means of Retaining a Burner Seal to a Combustor Dome 2012-02-07 Granted GB2499196
Turbomachine casing with energy absorbing element 2012-01-25 Terminated GB2488628
Turbomachine casing with energy absorbing pocket 2012-01-25 Terminated GB2488629
Pipe inspection probing cable having an external helical track 2012-01-23 Terminated GB2498581
Cooled aerofoil with helical passage 2012-01-20 Granted GB2498551
Ice impact panel for a gas turbine engine 2012-01-05 Terminated GB2498194
Fibre-reinforced metallic foam made by electroforming 2012-01-04 Terminated GB2498704
A method of servicing a gas turbine engine 2011-12-22 Granted GB2497809
A gas turbine aeroengine arrangement 2011-12-22 Ceased GB2497934
Electrical harness 2011-12-22 Granted GB2497807
Measurement fixture for use in determining position and orientation of object and method of determining position, orientation of object relative to reference 2011-12-21 Terminated GB2498333
Rotor blade with serrated trailing edge 2011-12-19 Terminated GB2497739
Apparatus for and method of treatment a component in a fluidised bed with variable positioning of the treatment chamber in relation to the powder reservoir 2011-12-13 Granted GB2497539
Fluidised bed treatment 2011-12-13 Granted GB2497538
Method and apparatus for the treatment of part of a component using a fluidised bed of powder, the apparatus including a powder screen 2011-12-13 Granted GB2497541
Apparatus for friction welding 2011-12-05 Granted GB2497287
Nickel-based alloys comprising 0.2-0.6 % by weight silicon 2011-12-02 Terminated GB2497128
An apparatus and a method of inspecting a turbomachine 2011-11-28 Granted GB2496903
Gas turbine engine abradable liner 2011-11-25 Terminated GB2496887
A rim drive electrical machine 2011-11-23 Granted GB2493997
Sealing arrangement 2011-09-28 Granted GB2495092
A fluid conduit with electromagnetic particulate matter vaporiser 2011-09-22 Granted GB2494895
Asset Condition Monitoring Using Internal Signals Of The Controller 2011-09-07 Terminated GB2494416
Fluid separation 2011-09-05 Terminated GB2494193
Pressure gauge with a helicoid member providing multiple, longer fluid paths 2011-09-05 Granted GB2484569
A catcher ring for a turbomachine shaft 2011-09-02 Granted GB2494178
A rotor casing liner comprising multiple sections 2011-08-31 Granted GB2494137
Exit swirl sensor arrangement for a tidal generator 2011-08-31 Terminated GB2494138
Gas turbine engine access door 2011-08-25 Granted GB2493953
Method Of Managing Operational Health Of Assets 2011-08-23 Terminated GB2493932
Determining the position and orientation of a remote end of a boroscope 2011-08-19 Terminated GB2493770
Method for locating artefacts in a material 2011-08-17 Granted GB2493735
Pressure indicator 2011-08-03 Granted GB2484564
Non-contact measuring device 2011-07-29 Terminated GB2493205
Geothermal power plant for distribution pipeline 2011-07-15 Granted GB2492958
A tool for applying shape memory effect fasteners 2011-07-13 Granted GB2482389
Controllable Flameholder 2011-07-12 Ceased GB2482385
Combustion controller 2011-07-12 Ceased GB2482386
Magnetic-Field Flashback Protector 2011-07-12 Ceased GB2482387
Combustion Chamber With Improved Air/Fuel Mixing 2011-07-11 Granted GB2492762
Adhesive fastening element with first and second members for holding a work piece 2011-07-04 Granted GB2492548
Gas turbine engine impingement cooling 2011-06-30 Terminated GB2492374
A heat treatment apparatus and a method of using such apparatus 2011-06-23 Granted GB2492135
Mounting assembly 2011-06-22 Granted GB2492107
A method of detecting shaft break in a gas turbine engine 2011-06-16 Terminated GB2488844
Tip treatment for a rotor casing 2011-06-15 Granted GB2492061
Mounting system 2011-06-14 Granted GB2491811
Rotating blade analysis 2011-06-10 Granted GB2491632
Datum determination in a turbulent flow aircraft simulation 2011-06-07 Terminated GB2491598
A method of manufacturing a sheet metal annular combustion chamber 2011-06-06 Terminated GB2491580
An apparatus and a method of shaping an edge of an aerofoil 2011-06-03 Ceased GB2491397
Shaping an edge of an aerofoil, especially re-shaping the leading edge of an eroded gas turbine engine blade 2011-06-03 Ceased GB2491398
Balanced bladed rotor 2011-05-23 Granted GB2491121
Hole finishing tool 2011-05-20 Terminated GB2490955
A vertical lift fan for an aircraft which includes a switchable transmission 2011-05-18 Ceased GB2490915
A gas turbine power plant cooling system controller 2011-05-10 Terminated GB2490678
Support for a tool in an assembled apparatus 2011-05-09 Granted GB2504612
A method of supporting a tool and an apparatus for supporting a tool in an assembled apparatus 2011-05-09 Granted GB2490667
A sealed assembly 2011-05-06 Terminated GB2490535
Turbine array control 2011-05-04 Granted GB2490510
A head part of an annular combustion chamber 2011-04-28 Granted GB2490348
Method of manufacturing a component using a laser 2011-04-20 Granted GB2490143
Aerofoil assembly 2011-04-19 Terminated GB2490127
Methods for controlling friction between heterogeneous contact surfaces 2011-04-19 Granted GB2490128
Splined coupling having biasing elements to remove backlash 2011-04-18 Granted GB2490114
Fuel Injector with an Air Passage used to Convey a Spark to a Combustion Chamber 2011-04-13 Granted GB2489963
Gas turbine engine exhaust gas transition ducts 2011-04-08 Granted GB2489738
Windage shield 2011-04-07 Granted GB2489727
An advanced warning system and method for a turbine 2011-04-07 Terminated GB2492686
Hollow shaft 2011-04-07 Granted GB2489729
High frequency generator for isolated networks comprising a high frequency converter connected via an AC link 2011-04-05 Terminated GB2490305
Abradable seal liner 2011-04-04 Granted GB2489693
A water jet propulsion device having fluid injection nozzles 2011-04-01 Granted GB2489521
A water jet propulsion device having a duct with an inflatable portion 2011-04-01 Terminated GB2489522
Checking positional accuracy of features 2011-03-31 Granted GB2489495
Variable geometry duct 2011-03-30 Terminated GB2489475
Improvements relating to layered composite components 2011-03-30 Granted GB2489480
A containment casing for a gas turbine engine 2011-03-29 Granted GB2489673
A device for axially loading a rotating shaft with respect to a first component 2011-03-29 Terminated GB2489456
Application of treatment fluids to components 2011-03-24 Terminated GB2489665
Application of treatment fluids to components 2011-03-24 Terminated GB2489666
Device for fatigue testing a specimen 2011-03-23 Terminated GB2489263
Bladed rotor seal 2011-03-22 Granted GB2490858
Bladed rotor with annulus filler 2011-03-21 Terminated GB2489222
Method and apparatus for removing an aerofoil structure from a casing section of a rotary machine 2011-03-15 Granted GB2489003
Electrical machine 2011-03-09 Terminated GB2492277
Shaft break detection 2011-03-09 Terminated GB2488805
A halving joint structure 2011-03-02 Granted GB2488567
A halving joint structure 2011-03-02 Granted GB2488566
A method and apparatus for masking a portion of a component 2011-03-02 Granted GB2488568
A safety connector 2011-03-02 Granted GB2488975
A workpiece support comprising pivotal arms 2011-03-01 Granted GB2488555
A method of repairing a component 2011-02-23 Ceased GB2488333
Composite component comprising an indicator mechanically associated with the reinforcing fibres 2011-02-22 Terminated GB2488315
Flow modifying formation for aircraft wing 2011-02-21 Granted GB2488172
Pylon comprising winglets, for attaching gas turbine engine to aircraft wing 2011-02-18 Terminated GB2481667
Aligning the blades of a gas turbine rotor during tip grinding 2011-02-16 Granted GB2487799
Modulated field electromagnetic machine 2011-02-16 Terminated GB2488129
Inspection of an engine component 2011-02-09 Terminated GB2487931
Inspection of engine components 2011-02-09 Terminated GB2487930
DC power network protection system 2011-02-08 Terminated GB2487918
Turbomachine with casing grooves 2011-02-03 Granted GB2487900
An erosion testing assembly 2011-02-02 Granted GB2487742
Coupling having a threaded interconnector to limit torque 2011-01-26 Terminated GB2487551
A diffusion bonded and superplastically formed turbomachine blade 2010-12-23 Granted GB2486695
A method of manufacturing an Aerofoil 2010-11-26 Granted GB2485831
Machine buoyancy control system 2010-11-19 Ceased GB2487878
Luminescent surface coating for inspection 2010-11-18 Terminated GB2485564
Connection leads for superconductor device 2010-11-05 Granted GB2485205
Generating residual stress in hollow body during cure to deflect composite body on relaxation 2010-11-04 Terminated GB2485183
Annulus filler for gas turbine engine rotor disc 2010-11-01 Granted GB2484988
Pressure indicator 2010-10-25 Granted GB2489192
Turbomachine blade with deflectable leading edge to reduce foreign object damage 2010-10-22 Granted GB2484726
A mould assembly for a hot isostatic pressing process 2010-10-20 Granted GB2484690
Forming a component with a projection by hot isostatic pressing 2010-10-20 Granted GB2484691
Pressure indicator with an inlet pipe having a path length greater than its nominal length 2010-10-14 Terminated GB2489191
A cooling system for an open rotor gas turbine engine 2010-10-04 Granted GB2474553
Acoustic liner and heat exchanger for gas turbine inlet duct 2010-10-04 Granted GB2476855
Testing of hollow rotary components 2010-10-01 Terminated GB2484135
Anti fret liner assembly 2010-09-23 Granted GB2477825
Gas turbine engine bearing housing sealing 2010-09-20 Terminated GB2483714
A Fuel Injector Having Multiple Pilot Circuits 2010-09-14 Granted GB2473722
An aerofoil blade with a set-back portion 2010-08-23 Terminated GB2483059
A turbomachine casing assembly 2010-08-23 Granted GB2483060
A method of damping aerofoil structure vibrations 2010-08-23 Terminated GB2483061
Rotor structure of dynamo-electric machine 2010-08-10 Terminated GB2482689
An aerofoil, an aerofoil sub-assembly and a method of making the same 2010-08-09 Ceased GB2482674
A fastener 2010-08-05 Ceased GB2482518
A fastener 2010-08-05 Ceased GB2482521
Inspection of holes 2010-08-05 Granted GB2473099
A fastener 2010-08-05 Ceased GB2482517
A fastener 2010-08-05 Ceased GB2482519
A duct 2010-07-23 Terminated GB2482170
Process control method 2010-07-14 Granted GB2482003
A leaf seal and a method of manufacturing a leaf seal 2010-07-13 Terminated GB2481990
Rotor blade with air flow passages 2010-07-07 Granted GB2481822
A clamping assembly 2010-07-06 Granted GB2481811
A method for predicting initial unbalance in a component such as a blisk 2010-06-28 Terminated GB2481582
Shaped Air-Swirler Vanes for a Gas Turbine Engine Fuel Injector 2010-06-25 Granted GB2481075
Engine and supporting pylon 2010-06-25 Granted GB2481437
Testing shear by through-thickness compression 2010-06-24 Granted GB2471551
Press brake 2010-06-23 Granted GB2481420
Temperature, Pressure and Neutron Fluence Measurment 2010-06-09 Terminated GB2481039
A method of manufacturing an article by diffusion bonding and superplastic forming 2010-06-03 Granted GB2481000
Toggle clamp locking device 2010-05-17 Granted GB2480434
Support frame 2010-05-11 Granted GB2479215
Waste gas compressor train 2010-05-11 Terminated GB2480270
A surface preparation tool 2010-05-05 Terminated GB2480074
Oil cooler 2010-05-04 Granted GB2493291
Oil cooler for gas turbine engine 2010-05-04 Granted GB2477362
Thermal transfer arrangement 2010-04-26 Granted GB2479865


(Based on Sic code: 25300 Manufacture of steam generators, except central heating hot water boilers)

Company Registered Address Company Number YE Date Revenue GBP Net Profit GBP Other SIC codes
ROLLS-ROYCE PLC KINGS PLACE, 90 YORK WAY, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, N1 9FX 01003142 2017-12-31 3,075,000,000 3,556,000,000 25620-Machining
28110-Manufacture of engines and turbines, except aircraft, vehicle and cycle engines
ROLLS-ROYCE MARINE POWER OPERATIONS LIMITED ATLANTIC HOUSE, RAYNESWAY, DERBY, DERBYSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, DE21 7BE 00620485 2017-12-31 102,580,000 2,131,000 72190-Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering


This company is Active. Statistically, Active companies have a low probability of being liquidated within a year.
Here are our probability predictions:
Basis Liquidation within 3 months Liquidation within 6 months Liquidation within 12 months Prediction confidence
ROLLS-ROYCE PLC 0.9% 3.6% 7.1% Medium
Other companies Active in the same sector Too few competitors
Age 0.4% 1.4% 2.7% Medium
Company Type 1.7% 4.0% 5.9% Medium
Accounts category 0.6% 1.5% 2.5% Medium
Accounting Month 0.6% 2.4% 5.5% Medium
Sic code count 0.8% 4.4% 8.7% Medium
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